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Rolling Specubollox 21/22

NO WAY we would pay that, I'm calling BS. The slow silly season is driving the journo's(I use that word loosely) bat sh%t crazy.
The so called journos add in all the add ons possible, plus the agent fee, then add the bullshit factor as well. We have never paid super silly fees for our players, so I hope it is just another fairy story. The other issue I have with 'Arry is he is a perpetual loser, so why buy bad luck for our club.
That article is certainly in the right thread. Cannot see us paying that ridiculous amount of money. After the last year in respect of revenues? Fantasy click-bait IMO.

These news outlets ought to be held accountable for their serial BS. I recall an article some time ago which compared various paper’s accuracy in respect of their BIG TRANSFER STORY! Head;Ines vs the actual outcomes. I think the Mirror came way down with the Sun not far away around the 20% mark. Not sure anyone got over 50% right.
I think we have to sell before we can buy, the only problem is that Clubs wont pay the wages that we are paying and we wont subsidise the wages to get some other club to buy them.
We are past giving players away, and getting screwed over in return. Spuds can sit on it and spin if they think we are going to subsidize that small club. Here's hoping our baby Delap can do the job and save us some coin.