Rolling Results Thread


Alert Team
Now that the new season is almost upon us, here is the all-new rolling results thread in readiness.
First up, the usual curtain raiser the Community Shield (you know, the one that if you lose it's a meaningless friendly and if you win, it's the first major trophy of the season).

Sunday 6 August - Community Shield
14:00 Arsenal v Chelsea (BT)

Premier League
Friday 11 August
19:45 Arsenal v Leicester (Sky)
Saturday 12 August
12:30 Watford v Liverpool (Sky)
15:00 Chelsea v Burnley
15:00 Crystal Palace v Huddersfield
15:00 Everton v Stoke
15:00 Southampton v Swansea
15:00 West Brom v Bournemouth
17:30 Brighton v City (BT)
Sunday 13 August
13:30 Newcastle v Tottenham (Sky)
16:00 Rags v West Ham (Sky)

Let the games begin!!



Alert Team
Sunday 6 August - Community Shield
14:00 Arsenal v Chelsea (BT)

Lacazette starts for Arsenal - no Sanchez, nor any sign of Diego Costa

Morata on bench for Chelsea

Should the match require a penalty shoot out (after 90 minutes - no extra time) the ABBA system will be used....

The system, based on the format used in tennis tie-breaks, sees the team going first in the shoot-out taking one spot-kick before their opponents take two in succession. Each team then takes two in a row until we have a winner - AB BA AB BA until we reach our Waterloo :004: