Rochdale (a) – Saturday 29th September 2018 | Vital Football

Rochdale (a) – Saturday 29th September 2018

Make your match predictions below on these areas for Pompey's game at Spotland against Rochdale on Saturday 29th September 2018.

1) Will Pompey win, lose or draw?
2) What the match score be?

Example - Pompey to win 1-0.


Vital Squad Member
Heh.. Corny had 'online' problems again and couldn't get into the Predictions but you all were pretty accurate.. two clear goals and a 3-1 victory.. spot on.. :thumbup:
I'll TRY to get an update done before Coventry, if I can.

Working all day today and tomorrow though. BUT, if River's being good must try and do a few bits, including this update. With a spot on prediction, I must be doing ok(ish) too!