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RIP Jack Charlton


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Aye PM , one a hell of a character. An underrated player and yet another connection to the legendary Milburn dynasty is now gone. It was Wor Jackie that persuaded him to be manager but it just didn't work for him or the club when he gave it a go in the 80's in the wake of Arthur Cox leaving. Although, he did sign a certain Paul Gascoinge on pro terms (whatever happened to him eh?). Safe Home Jack .
Aye condolences.

Having said that, it's funny to see all the social media comments of respect etc but let's not forget he was an absolute car crash as a manager for us. The football was shit and he showed no respect whatsoever for the players on the pitch.

Can remember that time he kicked off with Beardsley on the pitch at the end of ironically, a Watford game. We were winning 2-1 and had a free kick but Charlton apparently wanted the ball played into the corner to safety but Beardsley had other ideas and scored. Fair enough, maybe not to the manager's demands but any kick off should have been done in the dressing room.

Also remember the Sheff Utd 2-2 friendly which was a just a basic protest against him. 'Sack Jack' and many other nasty comments came and you could see his visible anger throughout. By the time I got home he had quit.

Apart from that, I liked him as a personality and he's one of those in that mould who says or said it like it was. He was nee puppet.


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Respected him for walking away at NUFC taking nothing but his pride ‘if the fans dont want me im off’ the football under him was brutal but kept us in the 1st division


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Lovely bloke and a gentleman to boot. He had his own fishing competition for disabled people and every year without fail, he would visit each and every person to spend some time with them. Something I can guarantee his brother wouldn’t do.

Glad to hear he passed peacefully at his home in Ashington. A Geordie to the end.


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Not much of an anecdote I realise but I once saw him at the airport ~ he would have been in his 70's at the time and he was an imposing character even then - black overcoat and stood bolt upright ~ rest easy Jack


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Saw him at a couple of talk ins, always value for money, then bumped into him on the driving range at Matfen Hall when we were getting ready for a game of golf.

Ambles over with his fishing gear on, jacket, cap the lot.

Looks over at us, and says, give me a go, off comes jacket and cap, practice swing, the launches the ball out of the range... to all of us open mouthed.

Piece of Piss that game he said, and walked off!!!

RIP, Jack, someone who never forgot his roots.


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I witnessed some real feisty games against Leeds when he was playing. One game he and my user name had each other by the throat literally. He was a one off though and as a manager he got Boro promoted to the top flight in record time. He was a commentator at the 82 World Cup and he always called the Italian forward 'the boy Rossi'. RIP big man, what a life.