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Ringing you up😷😷😷😷


Vital Squad Member
I see Everton's manager is ringing up fans to cheer them up.
Strikes me If Paul Cook was to do that he could phone our entire fanbase in one day and still be home for tea.
Wouldn't cheer me up but would enjoy the opportunity of a 1 to 1 🤣

Come on Wigan

Vital Youth Team
With the questions i would ask (That Kendrick wont) he would put the phone down on me after a minute.
Surely if they are reasonable and sensible then he will answer them.

Or would your opener be "Why are you so shit?"

If so why waste a chance to ask thoughtful questions to understand why things happened and how things changed in recent times

Stormin' Norman

Vital Squad Member
I would start by saying "Thanks for your call Paul" we would have a bit of a chat then i would say "Paul i think you have taken Wigan Athletic as far as you can, wouldn't this be a good time to resign and let the club find a more experienced Championship manager before the season kicks in again?"

Bang! The phone goes down!


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Providing I'd not hung up the moment I hear his voice, I'd tell him to donate his weekly shopping budget to the NHS, then tell him to resign, then call him a fat baldy, then hang up!