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As a fan living in darkest Dunstable who has only seen County once this season at home against Blythe I wondered whether the readers of this website would let me know by answering this post who they would like to retain next season. This assumes that they are players on a contract that does not expire on 30 June. Furthermore does anybody with a knowledge of nonleague football have a suggestion to make for a big Centre forward signing to supplement Oswell and others.


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Well.. off the top of my head we need the Hincliffe in goal. Both fullbacks Minihan and Duxbury are musts. Up front Oswell and Wardburton.

Centre halves... I think there are better we could recruit*

Midfield. Winter and Ball retain.

Hmm.... Rhys Turner... is he the same player as before?
Turnbull... looked a bit ponderous and again.. is he the same player?

I can see 10 out and 9 in (that young lad Czubik is a real prospect)

I guess the other factor is which players may be poached from us over the summer. I saw Joey Barton (now Fleetwood manager) down Hardcastle Road for the Chorley game and apparently that is the third game has has been to in the last few weeks (even before becoming a manager ?)

Overall.. centre halves and midfield need some work!

* Assuming we have some investment!


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Thanks Cropped. I must say that, watching the goals for and against on YouTube there were times when the defending looked suspect. Unlike some of JGs previous teams we have scored goals though.


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Yes LGC... I only attended about a dozen games this season and on almost every occasion it was the defence and the heart of the midfield that did look a bit wobbly. If I can see it JG will see it - tighten that up whilst keeping the goals flowing at the other end may see us up as champions next year ......... that is if we can keep the rest of our influential players together.

Regarding video... this new forum supports the embedding of videos very easily. Next season I will get video's from each game plus manager interviews on here.

Also a prediction league with some small prizes if I can influence the powers that be on Vital.

As a reminder to those that read but do not post.. this site aims to be a friendly place for County fans (and non County football fans). It would be great to see more people post.

As a final point - the profits from this site go towards paying for the hosting and upkeep of the Stockport County Supporters Co-operative sites.

So browse, comment and help County!



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Videos would be good, I wish you all the success in implementing that. The point about people reading but not posting is very valid and I certainly find, as an expatriate Hatter, that this site is a link to County. More people should get involved.
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