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Reduced entry at Lordswood with Gills season ticket


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For those in the Medway area looking for a football fix any time Gills are away this season, I've been sent this. Show your Gills season ticket at the gate and you can watch Lordswood's home league games for £4.



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How much is it to get in without one? I used to play for their under-11s, so by rights I ought to be able to swan in for free.
Funny you should say that, all Lordswood youth team players can also get in for free, with accompanying adults paying £4.

£8 to get in normally, I think (that was the price for the FA Cup game last night, I assume it's the standard price for all home games).

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It was more than 40 years ago. I might have trouble convincing the commissionaires at the VIP boxes.

Still, at least my dad can get in for four quid if he accompanies me and makes sure I keep out of trouble. He's got a Gills season ticket as well, so I reckon £2 would be a fair deal.
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Tues 22nd Sept (next Tuesday) Dartford host Dover in a Friendly - as part of the National League pilot for the return of spectators, fans will be allowed into the stadium - not sure how many.


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With England not playing until tomorrow, the likes of Chatham and Sheppey in FA Cup action but away from home, if anyone fancies a local football fix for this evening, Lordswood are at home to Bearsted, £4 for Gills ST holders.