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red ed versus red len equals end of labour


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The Labour party and its biggest union donor are at each other's throats as the bitter row over the candidate rigging threatened to destabilise Ed Miliband's leadership.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey declared he had 'no trust' in the Labour leader and called for an independent inquiry into allegations the union tried to parachute left-wing candidates into key seats.

In an escalation of the war of words, Labour frontbencher Angela Eagle hit back at the union baron, insisting Mr Miliband and 'not anyone else' will decide how to deal with the scandal.

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as someone who cant stand liebour i find this all interesting and await with interest at all the mud slinging in the press, vote rigging and the unions telling the labour party what to do ...

i did watch prime ministers question time and our dave just wiped the floor with ed the red, and indeed this will wrangle on for months and even upto the next election, which im now confident labour wont be the tories rivals now (with growth back in the economy watch labours votes slowly drift away)


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Salaries: MPs: £66,396. Prime Minister: £142,500. Len McCluskey head of low paid workers union Unite : £122,000
Animal farm anyone?

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Ironic thing is they helped get Ed in, if not his brother would have won and in my humble, would have been marginally less cringeworthy than this particularly nasal talking fella!


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and in doing so caused the parties down fall Jonathan, they really did shoot themselves in the foot, though to be honest the best candidate who would of came over as credible and working class was alan johnson, though even he is tied up with the union pay masters.