(Realistic) Striker target.


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We'll have some serious competition from Everton, who are in even more dire need than what we are.

Top quality strikers come at a cost, can see us finally having to splash out well over £20m.

Jackals Tooth

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The targets will have already been identified regardless of any takeover because Rafa is to organised to leave things last minute

I expect Ings in on loan plus one other

Then providing everything does go to plan a marquee signing likely in the summer as a mark of intention by new owner(s) which will also be indentified once any buy out happens

If we finish top 10 this season it’s been a good one
Dont know what the current kitty is supposed to be but it's allegedly what TV cash we've been given plus I reckon one of Gayle or Mitro will be sold. More than likely Gayle if we can get the £10m back.


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I think we’ll sell both, neither of them is pulling up any trees in the prem, and there is simply no space for the club to be carrying baggage.

Not sure Ings is an answer.

Considering we’ve got no striker able to scare the opposition or indeed put the ball into the net regularly, we’re doing very well.

The Pyrry

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For me Mitro in his first season in the team and prem always takes a bit of time settling into new surroundings , cultures and ways of life etc... so a striker coming in from overseas I tend to write off for the first season as such , if he hits the ground running it's a bonus. Second season in the championship a tougher league and not really given a good chance by the manager who clearly doesn't rate him . The premier league is a different kettle of fish regarding defenders and how a bustling burley centre forward can get among them and scare them. Give him a good run in the team he can't be any worse than the 2 options we currently utilise. .. only on par shite .
For me I would keep Mitro until after the world cup as he may have a decent one and his value increases. Even if the manager still does not rate him then he sells him at an inflated price.

Gayle just looks half the player he was and appears scared that his hamstrings will ping at anytime.... He is best at championship level .. get him sold to a championship contender and make a small profit .

Replacement for me would be a case of our scouts picking up one or two.... as there is little we may be able to attract from teams already in the premiership that are a vast improvement on what we have. At a push although I have never rated hom , I have a gut feeling Troy Deeney could do a job for us.


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Yeah, what happened to Gayle? I read something about Rafa saying he 'wasn't mentally prepared'; but surely, you spend that time banging them in in tier two, so you are gagging for a crack at tier one football.

Yes, he has concerns over his hamstrings - always will have from now on - but he needs to push on and hope/train against it not happening.

Sir Laz

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I think Ings would be a good shout.He hasn't played much in the last 12 months,he must be fresh and hungry to get a good run of games under his belt.Certainly he's better than what we currently have at the club.Add to this if sources are to be believed Rafa has shown an interest in him.