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Rate the ref v Yeovil Town (home)


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8/10 from me, he had a good game but should have penalised their keeper for going out of his area every kick but then again that should have been the linesmans job!


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Consistent, allowed some physicality and let the game flow and wasn't fussing over the small stuff.

Looses marks however. Missed 2 penalties - Bolger look nailed on to me, and while the handball in real time was a 50/50 call, they are the ones which are now always given when VAR is used - and that has to set the threshold for fairness of interpretation across all games. Also missed the Yeovil keeper carrying the ball out of the box on several occasions.
I'm not sure he did carry it out of the box.At the Stacey West end, he was certainly releasing the ball before kicking outside the area.

I'm not sure what the rule is in that regard, to be honest, but it didn't really affect us because he wasn't allowing for the wind and several punts sailed straight out over our goalline in the second half.


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6.5 a lot better than a lot of late BUT for he missed quite a lot and the lino on the coop side was worse in fact I forgot he was there until he gave an offside.
The ref earned a big tick by booking their keeper, stopped their time wasting and their game management in general.
However we're the only the team that do it though ?
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Deduction for the two possible penalties. But saying that we didn't exactly protest too much so maybe they would have been soft.

Good to see a booking for their keeper for wasting time at 0.0 - we need to see more of this


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I'll give him a 7.5. Allowed a physical game to take place which being of a certain vintage is fine by me. Identified and dealt with their keepers timewasting and generally fair to both sides.
I do think he missed a foul on Bolger in the box early second half but I suspect he wouldn't have had a decent view of it whilst the linesman should have had and if no flag was waved difficult to be certain at a distance


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He was a decent league 2 ref on this performance. Think he probably got the Bolger penalty shout right. Looked like the defender did what a defender should do. You do n’t have to make it easy for the attacker to get to the ball. If every nailed on penalty claim, I read on here, was given, Akinde would have 40 goals this season!
At least he was n’t the centre of attention. 7/10


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8 - didn't really notice him and a crowd that likes to chant "you don't know what you're doing" several times a game at any opportunity didn't even think about doing so which was telling.