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rate the ref v Shrewsbury (home)


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Tomorrow night we have a newcomer to the league who once again appears to have been fast tracked, in the name of Joshua Smith, Jules's write-up is here https://lincoln.vitalfootball.co.uk...ury-town-recently-promoted-referee-appointed/

Tony Harrington (W) 8.23
Darren Bond (L) 7.68
Anthony Backhouse (L) 7.55
Ollie Yates (L) 7.40
Michael Salisbury (L) 7.30
Andy Haines (W) 7.21
Lee Swabey (W) 7.08
Marc Edwards (L) 6.79
Ross Joyce (D) 5.94
Brett Huxtable (W) 5.32
Stephen Martin (L) 4.48
Craig Hicks (L) 3.28
Chris Sarginson (L) 2.14
Carl Boyeson (L) 0.42


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Ok so to be honest, if he hadn't of sent Bolger off we'd be saying what a steady unfussy game this ref had, so let's look at the sending off. Bolger went across with his arm unusually high to make a bigger obstacle for laughing boy to get round. He didn't knock him out but like most modern footballers (especially Ready) he stayed on the ground pretending to be pole-axed. For me Bolger could of helped himself by putting his arm lower and not being 6 inches taller than his opponent. The ref would of helped himself by not rushing in and consulting the co-op lino. A number of people would of then said he didn't know what he was doing. Either way he can't win.



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Generally did really well, let the game flow and wasn’t too fussy. I thought the red was a yellow at worst, but he was conned by their player. 7.

bbh 11

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9 /10 For me I thought he had a really good game, got the red correct and I thought he did look across and confirm what he thought with the linesman, who had a good view.


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Very good.
Early in the game didn't try and play advantage and set out his authority instead. Kept up with play, worked well with assistants and made quick and clear decisions.
Unfortunate he'll be remembered for the red card. He was much closer than me, and Bolger gave him a decision to make, where he shouldn't have.

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A very good performance. 9/10. Bolger deserved to be sent off. Silly decision from the player in a nothing position on the pitch. Shrewsbury should have had a couple of corners in the second half.


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Watching via IFollow he impressed me with his positioning and attempts to play advantage throughout.
Still not seen any other angles for the red card so difficult to assess completely but Bolger gave him a decision to make so overall I'll give him an 8/10


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Calm and controlled, with one error. Not a red for me, yellow all day long, but we've seen worse decisions and it didn't change the inevitable result!


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6/10, I think he was swayed too much by the players and crowd reaction before giving decisions, and the bloke who collapsed under Bolgers challenge was another example of it. Think he should have taken more time over that one rather than believe at face value what the players reaction was. Decent compared to many this season though.


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Had a very good game bar the one decision which to me looked harsh live (replays that I’ve seen since have been inconclusive). I think it should have been yellow, and would have been without the theatrics

Luke Imp

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Generally let the game flow, didn't make any absolute howlers (linesman gave the red), but it was an easy game to ref. Little happened.


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He was good overall. Be happy to have him again.
Thought he got most decisions correct. Let the game flow; what there was of it. Wasn't taken in by the appeals from either side for free kicks but gave them when they were justified. Reffed without wanting to be the centre of attention.
Thought 9 but then the red reduced it to 7. Then it seems inconclusive and he only had one chance to see it so back up to 8.