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Rate the ref v Portsmouth (away)


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The games keep on coming and tomorrow sees us visit Portsmouth with Tom Neild with the whistle. We were not impressed last time he had us, the eds article is here https://lincoln.vitalfootball.co.uk/shouldve-gone-to-specsavers-portsmouth-v-lincoln-city/

Tony Harrington (W) 8.23
Joshua Smith (L) 7.81
Darren Bond (L) 7.68
Anthony Backhouse (L) 7.55
Ollie Yates (L) 7.40
Michael Salisbury (L) 7.30
Andy Haines (W) 7.21
Lee Swabey (W) 7.08
Marc Edwards (L) 6.79
Ross Joyce (D) 5.94
Brett Huxtable (W) 5.32
Stephen Martin (L) 4.48
Craig Hicks (L) 3.28
Chris Sarginson (L) 2.14
Carl Boyeson (L) 0.42


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He did very little wrong and played some good advantages. Don't think there was much in the challenge on Andrade after we nearly scored from the corner.



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From IFollow very decent. Seemed to want to play advantage and allowed some meaty fair challenges to stand which often nowadays are called as fouls. 8/10


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From I-follow I thought he did well, played advantage well most of the time though did pull us up once preventing a promising move and I think moc got away with a poor challenge where I didn’t think he won the ball (expected a card) and Bruno looked like he may have been pulled back in the box preventing a tap in. On the whole, barring one or two exceptions, the refs have been an improvement on last season


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From the match, no ifollow replays and crowd bias - 4/10.

Looked like Harness kicked out at MOC but wasn’t dealt with (Harness was taken off quickly after)

Marquis and Burgess both got away with dissent and keeper was time wasting as most/all do.

Couple of opportunities for us where he blew for their free kick for very little.

Couldn’t see Andrade penalty claim but we could have had one 2nd half where it looked like a handball and a shove and trip on I think Connolly.

Most in the middle of the park seemed correct though and he had to make all decisions for his linesmen too who were indecisive to say the least.


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5/10 for me. No obvious howlers but marked him down particularly for the performance of the linesman on our left hand side who seemed to not know what the square coloured thing in his hand was for. Hopeless.


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7/10. I thought he was pretty good on most things - let the game flow and played adavantage when he could, didn’t flash unnecessary cards. Could have been a bit more fussy but we would probably have marked him down for that.


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From being at the game it's an average 6. Yes at times he played some good advantages and wasn't card happy. However at other times gave a lot if free kicks for the most innocuous of challenges which led to a broken and bitty game.


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I laid my colours on the mast by stating he wasn’t very good before the match.

To be fair to him he had one of the better games, l’ve seen from him.

Still loves to give free kicks for no reason other than the player deciding to lie down.
Also failed to book O’Connor for an old pros cynical foul early on (thank you) but did try to play some good advantage.

Better than I was expecting.