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Rate the ref v Ipswich (away) F A Cup


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Tough game this coming Saturday which will see the fairly familiar face of Kevin Johnson, he's mainly been in League 1 & 2 this season and as Jules writes has had some of our bigger games https://lincoln.vitalfootball.co.uk...BNYPj12vpI1pg0K7Gmb6PZW_KluVjuV8TpRa5t7JiV2_Q , we struggled a bit for ratings last week but with a few more going this week lets hope we can get a better reading of how he performed

James Linnington (D) 8.50
Tony Harrington (W) 8.23
Joshua Smith (L) 7.81
Darren Bond (L) 7.68
Anthony Backhouse (L) 7.55
Ollie Yates (L) 7.40
Michael Salisbury (L) 7.30
Andy Haines (W) 7.21
Lee Swabey (W) 7.08
Marc Edwards (L) 6.79
Tom Neild (L) 6.17
Ross Joyce (D) 5.94
Brett Huxtable (W) 5.32
Stephen Martin (L) 4.48
Craig Hicks (L) 3.28
Chris Sarginson (L) 2.14
Carl Boyeson (L) 0.42


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Had a decent game, I wasn't convinced with the first half penalty shout, nobody else on the pitch even flinched. Second half one was easy but he was brave enough to give it straight away, delay taking was too long though. Had a few bad advantage decisions.



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Could n't see why we got the penalty live and having looked at the highlights still can't. Not sure what the defender did wrong.

Generally not too bad, though. Definitely had worse.



Vital Reserves Team
Managed to upset both sets of fans, but pretty good in my opinion. Failed to give the imps the chance to play on when Bruno was in bags of space in first half to book their player; but overall a solid 7.5


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Always a worry when both sets of fans felt the need to boo him. Looks a possible pen early on and inconsistent with the advantage rule, played it well for them when he correctly yellowed our man but didn't wait for two seconds and look to see Bruno in space as has been mentioned, overall we’ve had worse. I think Ellis might have got away with a bad tackle too when no fk was given...thought it was a card


Vital Reserves Team
6/10 Decent overall but inconsistent in the use of the advantage. Thought the penalty shout in the first 10 mins was a lot stronger than the one we actually got but there didn't seem too be too many Ipswich complaints.