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Rate the ref v Colchester United


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Well he needs no introduction, Saturday sees the Trevor sodding Kettle show at Sincil Bank, I suppose it must be our turn, lets see what mayhem he brings with him, here's the write up by Jules https://lincoln.vitalfootball.co.uk/you-dont-know-what-youre-doing-lincoln-city-v-colchester-united/

Stuart Atwell 8.59
Graham Scott 8.53
Nicholas Kinseley 7.94
Scott Duncan 7.78
Dean Whitestone (2) 7.56
Gavin Ward 7.55
Anthony Backhouse 7.48
Scott Oldham 7.29
Craig Hicks 7.21
Graham Salisbury 7.21
Sebatian Stockbidge (2) 6.96
Andy Davies 6.87
Martin Coy (2) 6.54
John Busby 6.47
John Brooks (2) 6.45
Geoff Eltringham 6.43
Kevin Johnson 6.18
Dean Whitestone 6.15
Thomas Bramall 6.13
Paul Marsden (3) 5.80
Lee Swabey 5.78
Kevin Richardson 5.71
Matthew Donohue 5.45
David Coote 5.25
Carl Boyeson (2) 5.18
Mike Dean 5.01
Neil Hair 4.78
Peter Wright 4.23
Michael Salisbury (2) 4.17
Andy Haines 4.15
Chris Sarginson 3.89
Brett Huxtable (2) 3.88
Ben Toner (2) 3.67
Anthony Coggins 1.91
Lee Mason 1.75
Lee Collins 1.44


Vital Reserves Team
He could have followed Lee Mason’s example and sent a player off for two fouls and ruined the game. Generally not very good but much better than the selenity linesman who flagged the wrong way nearly every time. But he was much better than the coop linesman who just stared blankly back at poor Trevor Kettle every time a decision needed to be made.

A generous 5/10


Vital 1st Team Regular
I always give an 8 less 1 mark for every time I am forced to hurl abuse.
On the basis that there were no such occurrences except for when I thought Rheady was clearly obstructed in the penalty box, I will give a 7 but then add 1 mark back on for giving the free kick in the box against their keeper (something Lee Mason failed to do at Carlisle).

So my final score is 8 out of 10.


Vital Reserves Team
Two clearest yellows for No2- but lost his bottle (ran out of steam) for the second one. Backpass correctly given but woeful management of the encroachment. Multiple fouls should have received yellows but didn’t. We were poor, he was equally as poor.
Should be 2 yellows for number 2 so he can have a 2 as well


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Typical tricky Trevor Kettle, why wasn't the right back shown two yellows like Shackell two weeks ago?
No consistency and hoping he's retiring in the summer
Some poor calls from him and the lino on the coop side.

Luke Imp

Alert Team
Staff member
He was very picky and that made it a stop start game. I thought the only card, or potential card, he got wrong was what should have been a second yellow for their RB after a couple of minutes. They were two poor challenges and should have rightly been sent off.


kettrin imp

Vital Youth Team
I was presently surprised by him yesteday. We can't moan about Mason not using common sense and then blame him for using it. Not helped by two useless linesman. 8 from me even though we lost.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Should have given one of their guys a second yellow rather than just calling their Captain over. Did not effect the result, we did, by very crap defending. 6/10.