Rate the Ref : Home to Wimbledon 9.5.2021 | Vital Football

Rate the Ref : Home to Wimbledon 9.5.2021


Vital Football Legend
I thought he was rubbish, but he turned out OK in the end. 7 from me. A few odd decisions, but no howlers and let the game flow.


Vital Football Hero
For me pretty good. Wanted to let the game flow. There will be some comments about that Rogers call back but he was being chopped by 5 defenders at the time so a realistic advantage was probably not there.

8 out of 10 for me


Vital Football Hero
Not a lot on the game, but at no time did I fear a ducking stupid decision. The players knew after 5 mins. there were going to be no awards in the diving competition today. What a surprise no rolling about on the floor or squealing like the front row of a boy band concert. 9


Vital Football Legend
Definitely an 8 from me, although it was an easy game to referee due to the noticeable lack of physicality. Let the game flow where he could, kept his cards in his pocket, was not fooled by the disease of inviting contact and swallow-like glides to the turf that ruin every game now.


Vital Youth Team
A good 8. Once or twice he ignored fouls including one on Rogers, but refreshing to see a ref ignore players diving and "feeling contact, so going down".


Vital Youth Team
7.5. He was probably just a little bit too leniant for me but consistantly so which is good. Let the game flow. Took the ball to the face like a pro


Vital 1st Team Regular
7, perhaps a little too keen to let the game flow and as such a couple of dubious challenges went begging. Good, though!


Vital 1st Team Regular
7.5/10 for me. Tried to let the game flow which made for a better game although he did miss a few obvious fouls. In that context the yellow cards may have been a bit harsh but consistent