Rate the Ref : Home to Swindon 23.02.2021 | Vital Football

Rate the Ref : Home to Swindon 23.02.2021


Vital Football Hero
Thought he did well. 8/10
Pleased he tried to clamp down on gaining yards with throws. Their left back was really taking the piss in the first half, he must have been getting close to stealing 10 yards at times. One in particular went out next to their dug-out, and he took it a couple of yards inside our half!


Vital 1st Team Regular

Disappointed with this emerging star. For me the yard pinching and time wasting went unpunished. Fussy about balls. Got pen(s) and most fouls right. Nearly a fine assist!

The Imposter

Vital 1st Team Regular
7/10. Almost gifted us a goal with a bizarre drop ball after he got in the way of a pass. Basically let Grant have a free pass to Scully who blazed over. Swindon players, especially Pitman, were fuming.


Vital Reserves Team
7 a little fussy and I thought at least one of the fouls against us outside the box was very soft, but an upgrade on what we’ve had recently


Vital Squad Member
Was it just me who thought McGrandles committed the foul for which Montsma was booked, second half, which would have had McGrandles sent off?

As MApp subbed him not long afterwards, I think he may have thought the same.

Could just be my eyes though. 4 lots of surgery for detached retina in my right and a whole lotta laser in my left has left me with imperfect sight 🧐

I'll give him 8.Thought he got the bookings right unless...