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Rate the Ref : Home to Gillingham 16.03.2021


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Ross Joyce was the centre of attention tonight. How do you think he did and if someone could find his red card for him that he should have shown to Akinde I would be appreciative.

Usual comment and votes out of 10 please


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Was his watch even working at the ko, held it to his ear?

Been poor before, still poor. In danger of losing control at times.


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2. As others said, influenced by Evans. Watching the first penalty shout back, Johnson was shoved. The second one, he lost his balance and slipped (nowhere near a player so definitely no dive), then got barged over. Two penalties not given IMO.


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4. very fussy, got a lot wrong, got the major decisions right though.

There is inconsistent refs and then there is just bad. Ross Joyce is definitely in the latter.


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3 - didn’t feel like we were getting the same treatment as Gillingham. Akinde should have been off, players should have been booked time wasting from the 65th minute, Oliver got away with a couple of elbows, fell for their players falling over at nothing (Oglivie when he was chased into the corner) and I don’t think the penalty was too different to one on Johnson in the first half (no problem with it being given or not, but should be the same for both teams)

Points for booking Edun for dissent and Johnson for (what he believed was) a dive.

Still not to blame for the loss but didn’t make it any easier for us.

kettrin imp

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Very poor. He certainly let Gillingham away with time wasting in the second half. The right back taking an age over throw ins and doing nothing. Completely spineless and I think the Johnson booking was him trying to show that he wasn’t going to be conned even though Johnson was shoved over. Complete clown, 2.