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Rate the Ref : Away to Wigan 20.02.2021


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Trevor Kettle was the referee patrolling the centre circle for 90 minutes today. How do you think he did.

Votes out of 10 and comments please ( remember it's a family site)


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I'm going to go for a 6 as well. I think there were some fouls that should have been given, some he did give that should have been a card and he even over-ruled his stupid linesman when everyone could see that Brammall knocked the ball out for a corner.

He did let the game flow and try to play advantage but there looked to be some touch old style challenges going in with no reprimand.


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To play on or not to play on, that is the question. Let lots go, then stopped lots. Lottery, or deciding if he could keep up with play. No game changers though. Earlier cards might have calmed the tackles down, got his quota in too late.


Vital Reserves Team
3. Poor really poor. Grant was fouled in the build up to their goal. Should have been two or booking before he finally did one. Always felt there was a dodgy decision lurking
5 - Yes i thought he was inconsistant, very petty, especially when pulling players to one side and talking to them. but didnt make any disastrous decisions which for me is the difference between an average ref and a poor one.


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4. Whistle happy and I was really worried about some of those challenges he either missed or let go.

Not surprised, this is Trev Kettle after all and we know what we get from him. Sadly!


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I'll give him 5 as he didn't impact on the outcome. He was inconsistent with what he did and didn't give. His mobility was terrible. He booked Palmer for waiting for the ball to stop rolling in the wind. He booked Johnson even though he kicked the ball away before he'd blown the whistle (so it was still live) . Sadly it was pretty much what you'd expect when you see his name on the sheet. Just thankful his poor performance didn't ruin the game.


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4, which is not far off a 10 for Kettle.

Missed the foul on Grant for their goal, and in combination with the 2nd half lino made some woeful decisions at the Wigan end.


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Typical Kettle hardly a booking in first half despite some rotten ones, then goes card crazy in the second. Past his best when we went out the league 10 years ago so how he's still doing games now is beyond me, at least we won


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Consistently didn't buy the diving and screaming from the players, something which I am in favour of. A little bit of inconsistency in other aspects overall but no howlers, so a decent 7.