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Rate the Ref : Away to Bradford 31.08.2021


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Andrew Kitchen was the man in aqua or lime or whatever colour that was. How do you think he did. Comments and votes out of 10 if you please


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4. Awful, made a straightforward game harder for both sides. Didnt like Poole so was it Clive FIB in disguise? Worst decision penalised Bradford (gave the fk when their player in position for a good advantage).

Norfolk Imp

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4 the worst I’ve seen for a while, and his linesman not much better …. could’ve sworn Cohen was a good yard onside on a couple of occasions.


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9 to partly balance out the negativity on here. (Probably about 6.5 actually). Just wish we had access to what the official match assessors give each week. That might help us decide if refs are applying and working to different rules to partizan spectators.


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7. This is his first season as a league ref and he had the added pressure of an assessor scrutinising his every decision. We've had far worse and over the 90 mins I didn't think he was too bad. Could have played advantage once or twice but pretty fair for both sides.

@ Norfolk Imp. Cohen was a mile offside for his disallowed goal and possibly a little offside for the second attempt a while after.