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Rate The Players v Swindon Town


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Palmer 3 - a couple of decent saves from free kicks but gave away a goal, nearly gave away another from the halfway line and had the audacity to moan at Jackson for a perfectly fine backpass that he failed to control.
Eyoma 5.5 - Below his best.
Bramall 5 - Nowhere near as good as Edun atm.
Montsma 6 - better passing, lazy defending.
Jackson 6. 5- OK.
Grant 6 - sloppy. We are missing our creative wizard. Scored a pen.
Johnson 6 - moments of potential greatness, won a pen, otherwise anonymous.
McGrandles 6.5 - Lucky not to get a second yellow when he and Montsma brought down Twine. Played OK otherwise.
Hopper 6 - I like him but I wish he would attack the 6 yard box better.
Scully 6 - Looked most likely to create something but not quite succeeding.
Rogers 6.5 - good goal.

Edun 7 - Changes the attitude of the team.


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Interesting to do this after hearing MA's interview, hopefully he'll get the response he wants on Saturday.
Palmer 5 - woeful error for the 2nd goal, redeemed by 2 good saves 2nd half.
Eyoma 5- not at his best, still shaking off after effects of illness? Didn't see first goal, TJ complicit?
Bramall 3 - trust the management that Cohen has potential but he's not up to speed in defence or attack. Ironically his best moment was followed by Palmer's worst.
Montsma 6 - some good defensive work and passing but always shaky in a shaky defence.
Jackson 6.5 - similar to Montsma, carried ball forward well a few times.
Grant 5 - uncharacteristic sloppy passing, not up to his usual standards or influence.
Johnson 5 - always a threat when forward, won the penalty (legit, Steve), but not enough influence in the engine room.
McGrandles 6.5 - carried an unproductive midfield and got into some good forward positions.
Hopper 6.5 - worked hard without enough support, nearly on the end of a couple of half chances, marginal MoTM.
Scully 6 - dangerous at times, didnt get enough service at times.
Rogers 6.5 - 2 moments of quality mixed with some poor decisions from this talented 18 year old.

Edun 6.5 - clear upgrade on Bramall but affected by the wider malaise with some sloppy moments.


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Palmer 5
Eyoma 5.5
Bramall 4
Montsma 5.5
Jackson 5.5
Grant 5.5
Johnson 5.5
McGrandles 5.5
Hopper 6.5
Scully 5.5
Rogers 6.5

Edun 7

The Imposter

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Palmer 5: Shocking mistake for their goal and nearly suffered another faux pa when almost letting Pitman's 40-yard effort squirm through his hands. Couple of good saves late on redeems him, albeit just a little. Even Appleton said it was 'ridiculous' that Palmer didn't just clear his lines. Could do with someone competing for his place in the side to keep him on his toes.
Eyoma 6: Did okay, but seemed as though his recent illness issues have still not fully gone away.
Bramall 4: Made one excellent tackle and showed brilliant speed to beat their attacker to the ball in the lead-up to Palmer's balls-up, but apart from those two moments, not much to be positive about. Lost count the amount of times he gave the ball away, which was virtually every time he came into possession. There's glimpses of a good player in there, but he's got to focus and do the simple things right. Roughan must be be spitting feathers as to how he's sunk below him in the pecking order.
Montsma 6: Average
Jackson 6: Average
Grant 6: Some great passes at times, but really struggled to really get a grip on proceedings and faded after the break. Maybe he was carrying a knock after all.
Johnson 5: Won the penalty with a great surging run into the box, but that was about all he did on the night. Is there a clause in his loan which states he has to play every game and for virtually 90 minutes? The time has surely come to bench him.
McGrandles 6: Never really got going
Hopper 6.5: Another workhorse-type performance. Can't faults effort and determination.
Scully 5.5: He's wasted out wide, at times looks like one of those kids you played footy with at school, determined to prove he's a good player by just running around a lot. Needs to be up top in the centre, snaffling up chances in the six-yard box. Stuck some crosses into the box, but they seemed more aimless than anything else.
Rogers 6.5: Terrific goal and if anyone was going to provide a spark it was him. Goes missing for periods and frustratingly loses possession at times, but then creates something out of nothing. Interested to hear him say afterwards that 'they weren't good enough'.

Edun 6.5: Completed more passes in the first two minutes of coming on then Bramall did the entire time he was on the pitch. So much more composed than headless chicken Bramall and used the ball wisely.


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Palmer 3.5- Two fairly regulation saves do not make up for his monumental gaff. About as basic an error as witnessed from a keeper at Sincil Bank/LNER. He is so much better than that.
Eyoma 5.5 - Still not fully fit, exposed at times
Bramall 4.5 - Clearly has pace, but little confidence on the ball. Lots of rushed, poor passing.
Montsma 5.5. Almost average, thought he got better as game progressed
Jackson 5.5. No better or worse than most of those around him.
Grant 6.5. Some wonderful but also some very sloppy passing. Quick thinking free pass. Gets an extra 0.5 for scoring the pen.
Johnson 5.5 - Where was he for much of the game, odd glimpses only.
McGrandles 6 - Worked as hard as most on the night, lacked creativity.
Hopper 6 - Ran everywhere but second best on too many occasions.
Scully 6 - Protecting his knee? Worked the pitch.
Rogers 6. Good goal after a poor early shot. Suddenly great skills but looked lost at times.

Edun 6.5. Should have started.
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Vital Champions League
Palmer - 5.5
Eyoma - 5.5
Bramall - 5
Montsma - 6
Jackson - 6.5
Grant - 5.5
Johnson - 6
McGrandles - 6
Hopper - 6
Scully - 6
Rogers - 6.5

Edun - 6.5