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Rate The Players v Sunderland


Vital Football Legend
So, a useful point against Mightysunnerlun™ and it could have been all three. City show they are still interested in automatic promotion despite missing the heart of the team, and that anything is possible. Other sides are starting to tire - Sunderland looked very leggy in the final half-hour today - and there will be surprises in store. Who says we cannot be the ones to cause them? After all, we should be used to being knackered by now...

6.0 is the par score, use half-marks and give us your comments too.

Deadline is 5pm on Monday.



Vital Squad Member
Much better today

Palmer 5.5 (poor distribution)
Poole 6 (should have squared to Morton)
Jackson 7
Montsma 7
Bramall 6.5 (better from him)
Bridcutt 8
McGrandles 7.5
Edun 7.5
Rogers 6.5
Johnson 5.5
Morton 6


Vital Reserves Team
Palmer 6 - Solid - best game for some weeks

Poole 6.5 Lots of energy. Signs of better teamwork going forward, but final pass very poor when in excellent positions.
Jackson 8.5 Both centre backs had their best games for some time. Never game Wyke a sniff.
Montsma 8.5 Both centre backs had their best games for some time, and Montsma possible his best display since before he got covid.
Bramall 6.5 Best game for city so far, but should have scored the winning goal. Cudos though for tanking forward to get there.

Bridcutt 8 Just shows what we miss when he is injured.
McGrandles 7.5 Excellent display. Calm in possession and works so hard
Edun 7.5 Another fine display. The odd wayward pass, but that is Tayo

Rogers 7 Unlucky not to score again, lost possession a bit too often
Johnson 5.5 Looked as though he was already away on international duty.
Morton 6 Never in the game in my view ....until he scored!

The Pitch 9.5 If we could play on a pitch like that every game, we would be walking this leagure even with our injuries.


Vital Football Hero
Palmer 7 Couple of very decent saves and decent handling throughout

Poole 7 Kept McGeady quiet for the majority of the game. Very decent but perhaps should have put Morton in first half (easy to call from your sofa)
Jackson 6.5 Looked a little off early doors but grew into the game
Montsma 7 Looked after Wyke really well
Bramall 7 Very decent game if you look beyond his hurried clearance for their goal. Kept Gooch out of the game

Bridcutt 8 Our midfield 3 were terrific today, but Liam seemed to get himself in the way of all their attacks so edged the MOM for me
Edun 7.5 Very good busy performance. Central midfield is his position
McGrandles 7.5 A typical controlled Connor performance. Excellent performance from who is my current player of the season.

Rogers 6.5 A little periphery but was helping out defensively more today
Johnson 6 It didn't quite click for Brennan today.

Morton 7 Terrific goal shows what he can bring to this team. Worked hard


Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer 6.5 - couple of important saves, sound handling but poor distribution.
Poole 7 - largely kept McGready quiet, some good runs forward, maybe should have squared to Morton in 1st half.
Jackson 7.5- solid and dependable.
Montsma 7.5 - Wyke resorting to 3 bad fouls, any two if which should have added up to a red card reflects how well Montsma played.
Bramall 7.5 - poor clearance led to their goal but otherwise largely ok defensively and got forward quickly and often. Could have won it with a better struck shot.
Bridcutt 8 - magnificent screening of the defence, good distribution, we need him to stay fit.
McGrandles 8 - another tireless shift in midfield.
Edun 8 - workrate, ball winning and passing all up to a good standard.
Rogers 6.5 - learning all aspects of the game with better defensive work helping Bramall, apart from the collective horlicks before their goal. Still needs to learn when to pass or go it alone.
Johnson 6 - best moment ironically immediately before he was subbed. Sloppy offsides too.
Morton 7 - hard working, and created and took his goal superbly.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer. 7 Back to being commanding again. Distribution erratic.
Poole. 7.5 Did a good job on Mcgeady and got forward well.
Montsma. 7.5 The monster is back.
Jackson. 7.5. Made some good blocks.
Bramhall. 7. Good going forward and worked hard to contain Gooch. Should have scored.
Bridcutt. 8. There is still hope with him back in the team. Seems to inspire those around him.
Rogers. 7. One minute a joy to watch, the next completely frustrating. He will be some player though.
Mcgrandles. 8. So important to the team. Fast becoming the key man without Jorge. He led the press with Liam and Tayo.
Edun. 8.5. Absolutely everywhere. It does not always work, but he has some real ability.
Morton. 7. In all honesty he did not convince until the goal, then he played with more conviction. A really good finish for the goal. I don't think we are yet playing to his strength. I likes his honest self appraisal after the match
Johnson. 6. Only par today.
Scully. 6 Brought fresh energy to the team.

Red Wimp

Vital Champions League
Palmer - 6.5
Poole - 6.5
Jackson - 6.5
Montsma - 7
Bramall - 6.5
Bridcutt - 7.5
McGrandles - 7.5
Edun - 7.5
Rogers - 6
Johnson - 6
Morton - 6.5


Vital 1st Team Regular
I was dreading this game, given the respective form of both teams over the last four or five games, but I have to say the Imps were superb. Funny, they weren’t always firing but still did enough to stop Sunderland and could easily have won it without Burge’s save from Rogers and Bramall missing his chance. On the other hand I have to say how disappointed I was with Sunderland - very predictable, overly physical (almost agricultural at times) and, despite plenty of determination, didn’t show a great deal of skill or inventiveness for a ’top’ team.

Palmer - 6.5 - superbly protected by his defence and midfield but was there when he needed to be and dominated at the right times. Goal not his fault.
Poole - 7 - definitely getting better every game. Offers a real threat going forward and, apart from one occasion, had McGeady well shackled.
Jackson - 7 - last two or three games seemed to have a poor understanding with Montsma and has gone missing at times, but yesterday was excellent and hardly gave the Sunderland strikers a look-in.
Montsma - 7 - getting back to the player we know he is. Just needs to start scoring again 🤔. Wyke hardly had a look in and was dominated by Montsma & Jackson.
Bramall - 7 - getting there. Made some great forward runs and some tackles - tried to make things happen. Just needs a better understanding with Rogers as the Sunderland goal came from them messing about in the corner. Should also have buried the chance in the second half.
Bridcutt - 9 - joint MoM for me. Superb coverage and support for the defence, the midfield and the strikers at times. Moment of brilliance when he read a dangerous situation when the CBs or Bramall went missing & he snuffed out a possible scoring opportunity just inside the box.
McGrandles - 8.5 - all over the pitch and played some beautiful passes and some lovely turns when winning possession to get away from his marker.
Edun - 9 - with Bridcutt was the heartbeat of the team and played the creative midfield role superbly.
Rogers - 6.5 - first half he was awful - again, kept on wanting to take on the whole opposition on his own and score a worldy. Second half he was much better. Moved inside slightly and was passing to release team-mates in better positions. Unlucky not to score when Burge saved. Developing nicely. 👍
Johnson - 6 - a little surprised he came off as I didn’t think he was playing that badly, but may have been tactical.
Morton - 7 - anonymous first half but got better as the game wore on. Battled well and took his goal superbly, given that he was assaulted just before he scored.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer - 7
Poole - 6.5
Montsma - 7
Jackson - 7
Bramall - 7.5
Bridcutt - 8
Edun - 8.5
McGrandles - 8
Johnson - 6.5
Rogers - 7.5
Morton - 7.5


Vital Youth Team
8's throughout the team for me, Morton was watched the whole time, and the best game ever for the Imps for Bramall and Poole, and I think it will continue now they both probably feel they are blended in. I would have liked Eyoma in but MA has persevered with them both, and now we just push on. Touch and go for auto but definite for play-offs.
come on boys


Vital Youth Team
Interesting to see how much the result affects individual ratings. As MA says, the performance vs Gills was up there and had we scored first could have changed the outcome yet ratings plummeted to 3s & 4s and yesterday up to 7s & 8s.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Interesting to see how much the result affects individual ratings. As MA says, the performance vs Gills was up there and had we scored first could have changed the outcome yet ratings plummeted to 3s & 4s and yesterday up to 7s & 8s.
Whilst 3’s & 4’s are very low, in my much less qualified eyes, Saturdays performance was miles above the Gillingham match. Against Sunderland we looked like promotion contenders, against Gillingham we didn’t look as up for the fight and looked like my pre season expectations - a lower mid table team.