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Rate The Players v Sunderland


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6.0 is the par score, use half-marks and give us your comments too.

Deadline is 5pm on Friday.




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Palmer 7 Some decent if routine saves. I think he'll be annoyed with a couple of the penalties, but if you strike them with pace that can happen

Eyoma 6 Perfectly fine if a little subdued. Would he have shot late on if his earlier effort hadn't entered orbit?

Jackson 7 Kept Wyke pretty quiet for most of the match

Montsma 7 Very solid as well

Edun 6.5 Neither McGeady nor Gooch got much change out of him

Sanders 7 Very decent first appearance. Looked at home in the team and was always available for a pass and was looking to make forward passes most of the time. Impressed

Grant 6 Didn't impose himself on the game

McGrandles 6.5 Worked his socks off yet again and did well to get the shot on target that Scully scored from

Johnson 6 Couldn't get properly involved

Scully 6.5 Extra half mark for the goal but as with most of the attackers a bit limited

Hopper 6 Hard working as usual but not massively effective tonight

Bramall 6 Much better than Sunday and an excellent cross which led to our goal. Did think McGeady started to have more influence on his side once Tayo had been switched though


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Palmer 6
Eyoma 6.5
Edun 6.5
Montsma 6
Jackson 6
Grant 6
McGrandles 6.5
Sanders 5
Hopper 6.5
Scully 6.5
Johnson 6

Bramall 6

No one shone. We kept it cagey for most of match but not long enough. Palmer maybe should have stopped a couple of their penalties, then again their keeper could have stopped some of ours which were pretty poor, tiredness very obvious tonight.


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Palmer- 9
Eyoma -8
Edun 8.5
Montsma 7
Jackson 7
Grant 7.5
McGrandles 7
Sanders 6
Hopper 7
Scully 7
Johnson 6

palmer kept us in it
Edun was a threat
Grant with the play making
Hopper a handful at times


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Palmer 6.5 Solid throughout but will be disappointed that he didn't save at least one pen.

Eyoma 6.5 Decent game, especially second half when he got forward more
Edun 6.5 Still our best left back (and I wasn't saying that three months ago!).
Montsma 6.5 Might have done a bit better on their goal, but good for him to get game time with Walsh out for 6 weeks
Jackson 7 Best defender, even though playing left side is not his favoured position.

Grant 6.5 Not as effective going forward as usual, but worked really hard
McGrandles 6.5 Another decent display.
Sanders 6 Thought he was a little negative and unsure first half, but was excellent second half, and I was surprised he was taken off.

Hopper 6.5 Usual fully committed and tireless display.
Scully 7.5 Never stopped running. 100% effort and no shortage of skill.
Johnson 5 The total opposite of Scully. Looks tired, jaded, and short of confidence. Needs a rest.

Bramall 5.5 Looked excellent going forward, but his defensive positioning worries me. It was the space he was leaving for McGready and co that brought Sunderland back into the game.
Howarth 5 Didn't really contribute anything until his penalty, and I'm not sure why he was taking one at that stage anyway. Jones is a much better striker of the ball.


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Palmer 7 - Good handling in the game but should have saved some pens.
Eyoma 6.5 - got forward well
Edun 7 - redeemed himself well against Sunderland
Montsma 6.5 - defended OK but still not back to his usual levels
Jackson 7 - his ability on the ball is underrated
Grant 6. 5 - Grant is a decent defensive midfielder. The problem is that by playing him there we lose our best player (Grant as a CM).
McGrandles 6 - a bit sloppy at times
Sanders 6.5 - did ok
Hopper 6.5 - did ok
Scully 6.5 - lacks composure when defending a lead. Chases the ball flapping his arms around like a startled chicken which can only add to the opposition's confidence.
Johnson 6 - meh

Bramall 6.5- great 10 minutes and then faded into the game.


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Strange, shadow-boxing sort of match, could have gone either way.

Palmer -7- did everything right in 90 minutes including some good saves, unlucky in the shoot out.
Eyoma - 7 - seemed to be getting back to his usual form, helped keep McGeady quiet first half, some moments getting forward. Should he have shot rather than passed in injury time?
Edun - 7.5 - great defensively and lively getting forward, creative and every pass found black.
Montsma 7- after Sunday, also heading back to the Lewis we know.
Jackson - 7 - stepped up as senior CB as one close-up for a set-piece showed.
Grant - 7.5 - clearly mixed reviews but for me he was MoM, looking to make things happen and succeeded with the pass to Bramall, leading to the goal. Does the dirty work too.
McGrandles - 7.5 - has come back from injury as strong as ever.
Sanders - 7 - impressive first showing - a couple of missed passes outweighed by the good; hard working, strong tackling, worked well and seemed comfortable in a midfield 3 which cleverly rotated holding/advancing roles.
Hopper -7.5 - allowed by the ref to be clattered at will by Sunderland's CBs, kept working and ball retention highlighted by lack of same after he was withdrawn.
Scully - 7 - little impact in the box - apart from the goal! Worked hard for the team, may be in for a start on Saturday because ...
Johnson - 6.5 ... needs a break from the 2 games a week. He's always a threat on the ball, and works much harder off than he did, but looks physically and mentally tired and 1 or 2 games off would help recharge.

Bramall -6.5 - superb take and pass leading to the goal, looked good getting forward but as soon as he took LB we looked vulnerable and indeed conceded from that flank.


Vital Reserves Team
Watched on ifollow with no commentary... so maybe my marks are a bit left field.

Palmer 7
Eyoma 7
Edun 8
Montsma 6.5
Jackson 7
Grant 8.5
McGrandles 7.5
Sanders 6
Hopper 7
Scully 7
Johnson 6.5

Bramall 7


Vital Youth Team
Palmer 7 Dealt with the odd threat well.
Eyoma 7 Good game but please work on shooting on target.
Edun 7.5 Considering an early booked he gave a disciplined and energetic display.
Montsma 6.5 Improving but should’ve done better for the goal.
Jackson 7 Rode his luck at times but very solid.
Grant 6.5 Poor 1st half, much better 2nd
McGrandles 6.5 Another energetic performance.
Sanders 5.5 Understandably cautious on his debut. Reluctant to pass more than 4 feet and I felt he slowed our movement down too much. Will improve.
Hopper 7 Fairly typical performance but starved of service for most of it.
Scully 6 Goal the only real contribution of note. His chasing down style is quite amusing.
Johnson 5 Needs a rest. Really off form and missed another good chance.

Bramall 6.5 Immediate impact going forward. Jury out on the defensive aspect.

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Palmer - 7
Eyoma - 6.5
Edun - 6.5
Montsma - 6.5
Jackson - 7
Grant - 6.5
McGrandles - 6.5
Sanders - 6.5
Hopper - 6
Scully - 6.5
Johnson - 5.5

Bramall - 6