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Rate The Players v Shrewsbury Town


Vital Football Legend
Two successive home defeats, and further evidence at all levels that there is no home advantage anymore. Just one win would have put us top, we stay in the top four, but the table continues to compact behind us. Northampton and Burton are sure to set up in the same way against us, so some big challenges in the next two weeks. Ironically, the Hull game may prove the more straightforward of the three.

6.0 is the par score, use half-marks and give us your comments too.

Deadline is 5pm on Thursday.



Vital Youth Team
Palmer 6 No chance with the goal, and not much else to do.

Eyoma 4.5 Well below par. Looks really slow going forward even when there is lots of space in front of him
Montsma 4.5 Probably the worst display I've seen from him for many weeks. Hopefully a one off.
Walsh 6 Best defender
Edun 5.5 Much better game than Saturday, but still misplaces too many passes for me and gets caught out of position.

Grant 5.5 Decent game without really creating anything
Howarth 6 Looked lively especially around the box
Jones 5.5 Again, hard working game with some good passing, but nothing that threatened their goal

Johnson 4 Looked shot of confidence after those two misses on Saturday.
Scully 5.5 Worked really hard as usual, but didn't get into the box enough
Hopper 5.5 As per Scully. Spent too much time outside the box

Anderson - 5 Came on far too late to have any effect at all.

MA - 4 Wrong team selection, poor substitutions, and a very strange - and worrying - approval of our display in his post match interview


Vital 1st Team Regular
Frustrating night, improved second half after a sluggish first half but a few looked to be running on empty and the injured players badly missed. Lack of use of subs frankly mystifying, seems to be MA's weakness, is there something behind Zack's non-use?
Palmer - 5 - could have done better with the goal? Little to do otherwise apart from foul their keeper!
Eyoma - 5.5 - toiling a bit. He defends well, gets forward well but is reluctant to play in the final ball, when he did he set up a good chance which Johnson skied.
Montsma - 5 rare error in possession for the goal, unlucky not to score himself. Part of a slightly jittery looking defence first half.
Walsh - 6.5 - led the defence and nearly got Montsma out of jail. A presence in the Shrews box when forward.
Edun - 6.5 - after an edgy start played well second half, some good runs, passes and tackles. Was able to basically abandon the left back position and played in midfield/left wing-back which looked much more suited to his strengths.
Grant - 6.5 - closed down (and often fouled) by a tough Shrews midfield but always looking to get things moving and some good passes. Set pieces a mixed bag.
Howarth - 6 - lively, and hit the post. If playing resources allow, a January loan for regular starts would help develop a useful and versatile player for next season.
Jones - 6- strived to get control with Grant of the midfield, again McGrandles's absense made the task harder.
Johnson - 5 - needs a rest? Tired, decision making gone to pot again. Looked better on the right second half.
Scully - 5.5 - lively, but hasn't really worked out yet how to be effective in these games where space is tight and at times awol.
Hopper - 5.5 - battled manfully as ever, time out on left wing highlighted how space and service was at a premium.

Anderson - on too late, and the only sub used, as right wing-back, more effective for his presence.

Red Wimp

Vital Football Hero
Palmer - 6
Eyoma - 6.5
Montsma - 5.5
Walsh - 6
Edun - 6.5
Grant - 6.5
Howarth - 6.5
Jones - 6
Johnson - 5.5
Scully - 6
Hopper - 6


Vital Football Hero
Palmer 6 Left exposed for the goal but generally just a spectator

Eyoma 5.5 Used more as a support for the attack. Had an opportunity to get a shot away and didn't. Then made a poor shooting choice. Learning every game
Montsma 5 Culpable for the goal
Walsh 6.5 Pretty solid and gets MOM for doing his job
Edun 6 Much better and was trying to get things moving late on

Grant 5 Plenty of misplaced passes which the commentators strangely seemed to blame the intended receiver for
Howarth 6 Decent effort and unlucky with that one off the post
Jones 5 Barely involved

Johnson 5 Couldn't get going and shots from tight angles when options were available
Scully 5.5 Worked hard without influencing the game

Hopper 6 Lots of running as usual and put in the two best crosses of the whole game. Unfortunately if your number 9 is out wide and working his socks off you need players to get on the end of them and there was no-one there
Palmer - 6 - No blame for the goal from me.
Eyoma - 5 - Hasn’t looked the same at right back recently. Looked like a centre back at right back. That shot was awful.
Montsma - 5 - Poor and costly possession loss.
Walsh - 6 - Wasn’t overly tested.
Edun - 6 - Much better and almost set up a goal in our most dangerous attack.
Grant - 5 - Wasn’t able to pick apart the defence.
Howarth - 6.5 - Looked our most dangerous player for much of the game, found some decent positions but didn’t produce enough.
Jones - 5 - Ineffective against a packed defence.
Johnson - 5 - Same as above.
Scully - 6.5 - Lively as ever but often ended up in the same areas as the other attackers.
Hopper - 5 - His hold up play and channel running is great when we’re counter attacking but almost entirely useless in a situation like this.

The Imposter

Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer 6: Barely had anything to do.
Eyoma 5.5: As someone else has said, looked like a centre back at right back. No dynamism.
Montsma 5.5: Looked shaky a few times and his dilly-dallying cost us. Oh, and please lose the gloves.
Walsh 6.5: Didn’t do too much wrong.
Edun 6.5: Looked going forward and steady defensively. Tried to make things happen.
Grant 6: Plenty of effort, but stifled.
Howarth 6.5: Barely involved first half bar one little run but got more into it after the break. Not a bad effort.
Jones 5: Average for 45 mins and then anonymous for the second 45.
Johnson 4: Just never got going and his initial impact is now diminishing by the game. Needs a spell on the bench now.
Scully 5: Radio Lincs MOM? How? Couldn’t get involved first half and second half improved a little but lacked any sort of spark.
Hopper 5: The few times we got the ball in the box he was nowhere to be seen.