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Rate The Players v Scunthorpe United


Vital Champions League
So that is our second win at Scunthorpe so far this season, and this one was with our reserve team - these League One clubs are not very good, are they?

Are we becoming good at penalties? A brave decision to put Freck on for the shootout after he missed on Saturday, but another good decision.

On-loan goalkeepers seem to be a good thing to have - Allsop was a matchwinner against Chelsea, and now Slocombe does the business.

And now it rests on whether we can beat the boys from Wolverhampton, and on whether Mr Flitcroft would like to see Lincoln out - place your bets now.

6.0 is the par score, use half-marks and give us your comments too.

Deadline is 5pm on Thursday.



Norfolk Imp

Vital Reserves Team
Slocombe 8.5 MotM 🔴⚪️
Gordon 8
Wilson 7
Wharton 8
Crookes 6.5
Chapman 6
Pett 6.5
Mensah 6
Anderson 7.5
Green 6
Rhead 7

Andrade 7
Akinde 7

The Imposter

Vital 1st Team Regular
Slocombe 7.5: Obviously saved the first penalty and made some cracking saves in 90 minutes including very early on.
Gordon 6: Great attacking play down the wing in the second half but constantly neglected his defending duties and it nearly cost us.
Wilson 7.5: Took one for the team at the end and defended well for most of the night and wasn’t helped by constantly having to cover for Gordon.
Wharton 8: Very slow start and looked uninterested but knuckled down and was a rock at the back. Distribution was pretty good too.
Crookes 6: Did okay but they got in a few times down his side.
Chapman 7: Very cultured player and knocked it around well. Should have scored second half but at least stuck in the cross for the goal. He looks like he is going to be some player.
Pett 7.5: Best player for us in first half and was everywhere, snapping into tackles and looking to get us moving forward.
Mensah 4: I thought he was terrible and barely broke sweat. A couple of decent tackles but that was about it. If ever there was a game to show the Cowleys what he was all about this was it. Completely flunked it.
Anderson 6.5: Good finish for the goal and was better after the break but not penetrating enough for me.
Green 6: Struggled to impose himself on the game and very ineffective. Had a couple of good efforts but it just wasn’t going to go his way.
Rhead 7.5: Did not seem to do an awful lot first half but second half was terrific. Won his headers (his header across to Gordon from a long ball from the back was sublime) and loads of sublime touches to teammates. Worked really well with Akinde and lovely headed pass to Anderson for the goal.

Andrade 8: He was sensational and ran the Iron defence ragged at times. Brilliant effort for the disallowed goal too that was never offside.
Akinde 7: Struck fear into the home defence the second he came on and was a handful. Very interesting to see him and Rheady play well together.


Vital Squad Member
Slocombe. 8. A couple of excellently early saves kept us in the game and gave him the confidence
Gordon. 5 Shocking first half where Scunny exploited him time after time and he kept passing to them going forward. Excellent going forward 2nd half but looked to have been coached defensively by the renouned Patrick Kanyuka.
Wilson. 7 Held us together in the early stages when he had to play full back as well as CH.
Wharton. 6. Scatty and nervous early on but got better as the game went on. Loves a big diagonal pass to Rheadie.
Crookes. 5.5. Not convincing but better than previous games.
Anderson 7. Worked his socks off going both ways. Defended better than Gordon and then linked up well with him going forward. Goal was well taken.
Pett. 6.5. Kept us ticking but not as dominant as most games this season
Chapman 6. Passes well and won a few vital headers in our box and played a part in our goal but should have scored.
Mensah 4. Very poor, nothing positive to remember
Rhead. 7. Best 30 mins of the season for him and linked with Andrade and Akinde so well but he was pretty poor for the first hour
Green. 4. Poor. Had 3 decent chance and fluffed them all and didn't hold the ball p at all

Akinde 7. Helped change the game by holding the ball up and linking play.
Andrade 9. 20 minutes of class and looked a threat every time he got the ball. MoM for his 20 minutes because he was excellent.


Vital Football Legend
Slocombe 7 Some very good saves although he parried the ball a bit too much at times. Thought the goal was poor, beaten at his near post. Possibly saw it late. Great performance in the penalty shoot out.
Gordon 6 Par at best as he was in a defensive position. Some good attacking runs down the wing
Wilson 6 Not sure he needed to commit the second foul as I think Slocombe had it covered.
Wharton 7.5 got better as the game went on and the best defender on the night
Crookes 6 Par game didn't get much wrong
Chapman 7 Impressed me. Decent cross for the goal
Pett 8 Massive work rate and quality passing. My MOTM
Mensah 5 Below par and didn't take his opportunity to impress
Anderson 7 Good goal and usual high activity rate
Green 6.5 Was closed dowm quickly and missed a couple of decent chances
Rhead 7 Not in the game first half but back to his best second. Should have scored and combined well with Akinde

Andrade 7.5 Ran the defence ragged from the moment he came on
Akinde 7 Combined well with Rhead and created a couple of decent passes