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Rate The Players v Rotherham United (FLT)


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6.0 is the par score, use half-marks and give us your comments too.

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Deadline is 5pm on Thursday.




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From an IFollow view

Smith 7 Didn't have a lot to do but controlled his penalty area well coming for several crosses with authority. Decent distribution also
Anderson 8 Did very well in a position that he's not a natural in. Defensively very solid and supported the attack well
Connelly 9 My MOM. Second half he was immense with his positioning to cut out the dangers and some expertly timed tackles.
Melbourne 7.5 Supported Connelly well in the centre. Looks composed on the ball
Coker 7 Clearly ring rusty but very solid for his 60 minutes which bodes well for future appearances

Chapman 8 Some of his through balls were superb tonight putting us on the front foot. Excellent performance
Pett 7 A couple of early mistakes but soon got back into his old rhythm of last season. That 90 minutes will have done him the world of good
Frecklington 7 Also clearly ring rusty but played well in the centre breaking up their plays

Payne 7 Good support of Anderson at the back and assisted the attacking but still tries to beat one player too many too often
Grant 7 Should have scored at least one goal with some clear openings but contributed well to the attacking flow

Akinde 8.5 Top centre forward performance. Caused their defenders so many problems they had to put four on him come the second half

Hesketh 7 I like that he looks to go forward whenever he can and so very nearly got the fourth goal in injury time
Toffolo 7 Typical Harry performance full of energy with some decent blocks late on

Walker 7 I know he got less than 10 minutes but deserves a mark for his goal but he needs to watch offsides otherwise he could have been clear very late on

Overall best I've seen us play since the Sunderland game
Smith 7 Little to do but very confident when called upon.
Anderson 5 Just not a full back. Surprisingly out sprinted on several occasions. Connolly 8.5 Excellent all game. Must keep his place when Bolger returns. Melbourne 5 In stark contract to Connolly made several poor decisions. Very unlikely to be have his loan extended.
Coker 6 Great to finally see him play. Did well considering his lay off and injury. Frecklington 4 Fantastic to have him back but he was so far off the pace. Either misplaced a pass or gave a foul away whenever he got near enough to the ball. Chapman 7 Competent performance. Getting better every time I see him.
Pett 5.5 Again off the pace.
Grant 7 Saw plenty of the ball and mostly used it well.
Payne 6 Not to involved in the game other than a descent run and shot later in the game.
Akinde 7 Love big John! Always a threat and got his goals but also frustratingly clumsy at times.
Hesketh 6.5 Not as big an impact as of late.
Toffolo 6 Steady.


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Based on I-Follow.

Smith - 6.5 - not much to do but assured and positive. Great stop in injury time.
Anderson - 6.5 - did well for a position not familiar. Still a bit inexperienced with defensive positions but promising.
Connolly - 8.5 - My MoM by a country mile. Considering he had three relatively untried defensive partners he marshalled the back four and won virtually everything.
Melbourne - 6.5 - very promising. Skilful and comfortable on the ball. Could be a really good player with a match run.
Coker - 6 - Did really well considering he hasn’t played for so long and after two injuries. Bit rusty and half a yard short on pace and ‘burst’ mode, but very promising.
Payne - 6.5 - non-stop, industrious with great close control, but tries to do too much at times. Needs to learn when to release the ball for that killer pass (partly depending on those around him though). Having said that, great run & shot second half.
Frecklington - 6 - great to see him back. Clearly needs match practice and was a little robust/late? with several challenges.
Pett - 6.5 - Busy and skilful link-up play at times. Battled well to win the ball.
Chapman - 6.5 - still promising, but has enough experience now to take control and step up when it counts if he really wants to be a class midfield player. Just a little slow of perception and movement at times?
Grant - 5.5 - enigma. Clearly has great control and ability but really lets himself down at times with his final pass or shot, and could do better with set pieces given the level and his experience. Maybe too nice - needs to be more aggressive and determined with his outcomes?
Akinde - 7.5 - worked really hard and two well taken goals (usual penalty style). Frustrating though. Think I have finally sussed him out. I will go into more detail on another thread.

Hesketh - 6.5 - Battles well and stepping up. Some nice touches.
Toffolo - 7 - showed his fitness, speed of thought and movement when he came on.
Honourable mention for Walker for the goal.
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Smith - 6.5 - he watched the game well as he had nothing to do.

Anderson - 8.0 - tricky against a good opponent. Did very well. Defended well and regularly broke forwards. Needs Eardley to teach him to first time cross though.
Connolly - 8.5 - almost Bostwick-esque I’m throwing himself at everything and turning everything away. Thought he might be a good cb.
Melbourne - 7.5 - Not tested too much but aided in keeping Ladapo, a 1/2 million pound signing, quiet.
Coker - 7.0 - Not certain he was fully fit but didn’t have to bring his crutches on the pitch with him.

Pett - 7.5 - a standard Pett performance from last season I would have said.
Frecklington - 7.5 - gave away a lot of fouls but also showed that he still has something to offer on the pitch and not to be written off.
Payne - 7.0 - Thought he was a bit marginalised out on the wing. Tried to do a bit too much on his own at times. Still a quality signing and performance.
Chapman - 8.5 - as per my man of the match comments.
Grant - 7.5 - could have taken us through with 2 great opportunities. Got a fantastic delivery when he cuts in on his right. Good link up play.

Akinde - 8.0 - Could have had a hat trick. Thought he would after finally shooting for his 2nd. Would like to see him start on Saturday.


Vital Reserves Team
Smith 6.5
Anderson 6.5
Connolly 8.5
Melbourne 7.5
Coker 6.0
Frecklington 6.5
Chapman 7.0
Pett 6.5
Grant 6.5
Payne 7.0
Akinde 8.0

Hesketh 6.0
Toffolo 6.5


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Smith 7
Anderson 5.5
Connolly 7.5
Melbourne 7
Coker 5
Frecklington 5
Chapman 6.5
Pett 7
Grant 6
Payne 6
Akinde 7.5

Hesketh 5.5
Toffolo 6

Red Wimp

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Smith. 6.5
Anderson 6.5
Connolly 7
Melbourne 6.5
Coker 5.5
Frecklington 5.5
Chapman 6
Pett 5.5
Grant 6
Payne 6
Akinde 6.5

Hesketh 6.5
Toffolo 6.5


Vital Reserves Team
Smith 7
Anderson 7
Melbourne 7
Connelly 8
Coker 6
Pett 6
Frecklington 6
Payne 6.5
Grant 6.5
Chapman 7
Akinde 7.5

Hesketh 7
Walker 7

Norfolk Imp

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Smith 7
Anderson 7
Connolly 9 MotM :clap:
Melbourne 8
Coker 6
Frecklington 6
Chapman 7
Pett 6
Grant 7.5
Payne 7
Akinde 8*

Hesketh 7
Toffolo 7

* I'm not a fan as you know, but that was as good as I've seen him since Exeter.

bbh 11

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Smith -7 Not a lot to do but what he did he did well
Anderson - 6
Connolly - 9.5 on a different level, he organised and led the defence, put his body on the line and controlled the two big forwards, reminded me of a young John Terry. Last nights performance was leadership material.
Melbourne - 7
Coker - 5.5 Good to see him on the pitch obviously, match fitness to work on.
Frecklington- 5.5 As above with Coker.
Chapman - 6 Seemed to get a bit more stuck in,while reading the game better than the last time I saw him. Still needs to improve a lot to challenge for a starting place.
Pett -7.5 Did well to last for the 90 , always battling hard, glad to have back.
Grant - 6
Payne - 7 Great feet , just wish he would learn when to release the ball earlier.
Akinde - 7 Pleased for him, cool penalty and another to boost the goal tally.

Hesketh - 6
Toffalo - 8.5 Thought he was excellent when he came on going forward and as usual some good defensive blocks.
Walker - 8.5 on for 13 minutes scored one and always looked energetic and in with a chance.