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Rate The Players v Oxford United


Vital Reserves Team
Palmer 8
Eyoma 7
Montsma 7
Jackson 8
Roughan 7
Grant 7
McGrandles 7
Jones 8
Anderson 8
Hopper 9
Scully 7

Pleased with Harry. He’s not a MAP player and will have to work hard to get picked and to stay in the side. Showed great attitude today.
Hopper my MOM. Some very intelligent play and showed his experience.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer - 8
Eyoma - 7
Montsma - 7
Jackson - 8
Roughan - 7.5
Grant - 7
McGrandles - 7.5
Jones - 7.5
Anderson - 8
Hopper - 7.5
Scully- 7.5

Jivin Imp

Vital Youth Team
Palmer 8 Looks like a cracking keeper
Eyoma 8 looks like a good youngster
Montsma 7 That early diagonal ball upfield could be punished
Jackson 8 solid, good defensively, a goal to as well
Roughan 7 rash at times but hard to believe he is just 17, some good early crosses
Grant 7.5 Composed and looking like a mid field general
McGrandles 7 does some hard yards
Jones 7.5 Looks like a
Anderson 8 Harry is great !!
Hopper 8 Pretty good front man display today
Scully 7 Like a Terrier snapping at your heels

Appleton 8 he's got some really early season promise out of his signings doesn't get carried away in victory or defeat. Really enjoyable match


Vital Football Hero
Palmer 8 Pretty good throughout once the first 30 seconds had been done. Confident in his area. Gets two points solely for that double save close to the end, the second of which was outstanding.

Eyoma 7.5 Excellent both at the back and offering support down the right. Brilliant tackle in the second half which would have got a standing ovation if we were allowed in
Jackson 8 My MOM (just in a collection of very good performances). Solid at the back with one exceptional bicycle kick clearance. Lovely headed goal.
Montsma 6.5 Decent performance with the occasional poor pass and gave away a couple of soft free kicks where just waiting would have been a far better option. Will learn
Roughan 7.5 Great league debut. Really hard to believe he's only 17

Grant 7 Possibly not his favourite position holding the line, but performed very well.

Jones 8 Top midfield performance at both ends of the pitch.
McGrandless 7.5 Excellent first half, with two sublime through balls which very nearly got us in. Faded a little in the second, but was a key player in keeping them out.

Anderson 8 All action performance with a great cross for the opener and that run right at the death was just fantastic. Looks to be thinking about it a little more as the end product seemed that bit more decisive than previously.
Scully 7.5 Excellent header for the opener. Worked so hard for the 80 odd minutes he was on, saving a corner in the left back spot at one point.
Hopper 7.5 Selfless performance leading the line. Might not get as many goals as some would like but in a Giroud kind of style he'll be vital to how we play this season.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer 8- looked excellent, commanding and pulled off a couple of saves late in the game.
Eyoma 6- he looked ok in defence, not so much going forward. is he a right back?
Montsma 6.5 solid at the back, but needs to learn about rash challenges. bags of potential.
Jackson 8 also solid at the back and a great goal
Roughan 6.5 did ok. i like the fact he is putting himself about.
Grant 5.5 seemed to lack composure at times. wayward passes. also docking him half a point for his silly beard. he'd look better without it.
McGrandles 7 played some useful balls
Jones 7.5 can hit a good long shot, had a good game.
Anderson 8- Harry adds those long runs at goal he does. an assist for the first. good energetic game. not sure about the floppy hair cut.
Hopper- 6 worked hard, but no end product of any note
Scully 7.5 good goal, to get things going. he worked well down the left
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Palmer - 8 - Some great stuff, especially the ridiculous double save. Would be higher if not for some dodgy kicking.
Eyoma - 7 - Solid performance with some great tackling.
Montsma - 6.5 - Some good play but a couple of overconfident moves.
Jackson - 8 - Good defensive world and a goal. Looks a solid player.
Roughan - 7 - Very assured debut for a young lad. They clearly targeted him, understandably, but he stood up to the challenge and received a deserved ovation.
Grant - 6.5 - He’ll dominate some games more but did a solid job
McGrandles - 6.5 - Plenty of graft and some clever play
Jones - 7 - Similar to his midfield partners, not a great deal of possession but his assist separated him.
Anderson - 8 - I love Harry. Surprised to see him start but really showed what he can do. Some top drawer stuff.
Hopper - 8.5 - My MOTM. Didn’t score but led the line really well. Gets himself in the right position time after time. I criticised him heavily previously, even called him a donkey iirc... but a great display today. Looks far more athletic now.
Scully - 7.5 - Some inventive stuff and a great header.

bbh 11

Vital Squad Member
Palmer 9 Some good saves including one fantastic double save.
Eyoma 7
Montsma 7.5
Jackson 9 my MOM
Roughan 8
Grant 7
McGrandles 8
Jones 8
Anderson 8.5
Hopper 8
Scully 8.5

Red Wimp

Vital Champions League
Palmer - 8
Eyoma - 7
Montsma -6.5
Jackson -7
Roughan -6.5
Grant -6.5
McGrandles -6.5
Jones - 7
Anderson - 7
Hopper - 6.5
Scully -6.5


Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer-8- saves
Eyoma - 7.5 - scary
Montsma - 7.5-solid
Jackson - 8 - classy
Roughan - 7.5 - 17??
Grant - 7.5 - creative
McGrandles - 7.5 -dynamic
Jones - 8 - everywhere
Anderson - 8 - sensational
Hopper - 8 - essential
Scully - 7.5 -persistent

A genuine team performance to win againstone of the best sides in the division.


Vital Football Hero
We may not have had the most possession but boy did we use it well. Considering this is a brand new team of younger players it is a really promising start. Early days and there will be harder games but couldn’t ask for a better opening performance from the whole team. 👏👏

Palmer 8 - quiet first half and poor opening kick, but three great saves in the second half, and a brilliant double save.
Eyoma - 7.5 grew into the game. Some good solid defending allied to some good support play down the right.
Jackson - 8.5 - My MoM. Solid as a rock. Never panicked or got flustered. Cleared everything, and scored.
Montsma 7 - clumsy and unnecessary challenge towards the end when the striker wasn’t in a threatening position, and needs to cut out (or improve) the Hollywood balls but, other than that, was excellent & much more to come.
Roughan - 8 - 17years old? someone’s doctored his birth certificate 😳. After the initial couple of strong challenges (which may have been deliberate 🤔 defended better really well, but it was his forward play that was seriously impressive for a young lad. Played some beautiful crosses into the box first half.
Jones - 8.5 - great energy and coverage, with some quality defending and a couple of great shots (going to score two or three distance screamers during the season) not to mention the FK for Jackson’s goal.
Grant - 8 - pretty average really (ha ha) - played some lovely controlled passes and held the middle together well. Could be a big season for Jorge.
McGrandles - 7.5 - again, great energy & coverage. Excellent debut for us.
Anderson 7.5 - Duracell bunny, never gave up and lovely cross for Scully’s goal. Great lung-busting run at the end.
Hopper - 7 - led the line really well. Closed down the opposition. Be great when he gets off the mark in the league.
Scully - 7.5 - the little terrier. Great control, great work rate and took his goal superbly.


Vital Football Legend
My first proper look at them in a competitive game and I was really impressed.

Palmer 9, would have been 8 but the double save was worth an extra point, very calm keeper.
Eyoma 7 steady first league start
Roughan 7.5 a hugely promising debut and hard to believe he's only 17.
Jackson 7.5 first viewing, very impressed and a goal
Montsma 7.5 another bright young thing in the city ranks.
Jones 8 quality performance, unlucky not to score and a quality assist.
McGrandles 8 looked very good.
Grant 7.5 flashes of his talent
Anderson 8 livewire with the all important early assist and if that wasn't a red card challenge on him late on I don't know what is.
Hopper 7.5 bit isolated at times but worked incredibly hard and fouled for the free kick for the second goal.
Scully 8 another goal for him and his usual all action performance from him.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer - 8 - good saves, especially the double one. Bit of work on his kicking to do.

Eyoma - 7 - defensively good, needs to improve his crossing when going forwards
Jackson - 7.5 - nicely taken header. Didn’t seem to be too troubled all match.
Montsma - 7.5 - plays the ball so easily. Looks like he’s capable of stepping up a couple of levels when he’s played more games.
Roughan - 7.5 - still a bit naive at the back and is being targeted but did a good job and his crossing going forwards was good. Are we sure he’s not in his early 20’s?

McGrandles - 8 - an absolute rat in midfield and the main reason that Oxford never got too many chances at our defence.
Grant - 7 - new role, done good. Couple of times he overplayed where you can’t overplay as a holding midfielder but that’ll come with experience.
Jones - 7.5 - perfect assist for Jackson. Same as McGrandles but more going forwards and less defending. If Crewe think they’ve got 2 better cm’s than him then they must be expecting promotion?

Anderson - 7.5 - that run at the end 😍. Got an assist too. More play like that and he’ll be one of the best and most under appreciated wingers in the league.
Hopper - 7.5 - maybe I was wrong about him. There I said it. Holds the defenders up well and creates spaces for Scully and midfielders to get attempts in at goal. More of a predatory instinct and he could be a 15-20 goal striker who with his other attributes would be worth a lot of money. See John Marquis.
Scully - 7.5 - love the work ethic. Well taken goal. Probably our best finisher but needs to work on his left foot. Regularly trying to cross with the outside of his right foot.


Vital Football Legend
Palmer: 7.5 Some very high marks being awarded to him so far, but the majority of his saves were regulation to shots from distance. Remember the definition of the par score? The double save was terrific, and earns him a bonus mark.
Eyoma: 7.5 Oxford attacked down the flanks, and he did very well against some experienced players. Likes to get forward too, playing as a winger at times.
Montsma: 7 Outstanding prospect, decision-making with those passes will improve.
Jackson: 7.5 Very solid, scored the clincher.
Roughan: 7 Great for 17, but he is going to get a red card before too long - lucky not to get a yellow in play yesterday.
Grant: 7 Seems to have stepped up a level, looks stronger, fitter, more committed.
McGrandles: 7 Looked better than in previous games, played a few nice balls in the first half, pretty anonymous in the second half.
Jones: 7.5 His best game so far, the shot on goal was technically very well executed.
Anderson: 7.5 Looked fitter than against Scunthorpe, great ball in for Scully.
Hopper: 7 Ran a lot and drew the defence without getting a look in on goal.
Scully: 7 Great running, good finish for the goal. Always looks threatening.


Vital Squad Member
Palmer 9 (to paraphrase the marking guidelines - If Alex Palmer has not had a save to make he can't really be awarded a 7). Well he had several very important saves to make. A really difficult long range one which bounced just as it reached him and the double save the most notable. I won't comment on any lower scores as that's also outside the guidelines.😉
Eyoma 7.0 Solid defending and useful going the other way
Jackson 7.5 Excellent at the back and a goal
Montana 6.5 Odd rash challenge/risky pass - solid basic defending
Roughan 6.5 Odd rash challenge - some good early crosses
Jones 7.5 Attack threat as well as plenty of good defensive work
McGrandles 7.0 Hard working and some really good touches in possession
Grant 7.0 Composed and effective
Anderson 7.5 Made first goal, strong and effective whether attacking or defending
Scully 7.0 Goal, lively going forward and hard working without ball
Hopper 7.0 He leads the line really well, will be plenty of end product from the team, if he continues in this form