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Rate The Players v Bristol Rovers


Vital Football Legend
So, the 100% record has gone. As ever, these records usually go to a poor side, and that is certainly the case here. But we are in the top two - a promotion place - and still have a 100% away record in all competitions. Onwards to Fleetwood, who have a manager we all admire...

6.0 is the par score, use half-marks and give us your comments too. Don't forget to rate the subs!

Deadline is 5pm on Monday.




Vital Football Hero
Palmer 6.5 Did fine and so nearly got to that penalty. Decent control of his area

Eyoma 6.5 Thought he was doing well until the tactical substitution
Montsma 7 My MOM for the goal (looked like his) and some good interceptions and tackles
Jackson 4 Poor tackle for the penalty and lost the plot a little resulting in the second yellow. One to forget today
Edun 5 Was trying to force it a little too much I thought and several passes were overhit

Bridcutt 7 Lots of effort and spirit. Didn't look out of place at centre back but Rovers weren't really attacking at that point
McGrandles 6.5 Some very decent through balls in the first half. Looks a bit hesitant to just have a pop at goal when opportunities arise
Jones 6 It seemed to pass him by a little today

Anderson 6 Couldn't really get going
Grant 6.5 Wish he could get a better free kick average in. For every great one ( ie the goal) there are two bad ones ( the last minute effort)

Hopper 6.5 Usual hard working performance until he picked up a knock

Howarth 6 Similar to Harry in that he just couldn't get going
Scully 6 Busy without making much impact

Archibald I would have given a 6.5 as I felt he made that little bit more of an impact than the other two subs causing them some problems in his short cameo

Norfolk Imp

Vital Squad Member
Palmer 6
Eyoma 7
Montsma 7.5 MotM :clap:
Jackson 4
Edun 4.5
Bridcutt 7
McGrandles 6
Jones 6
Grant 6.5
Hopper 6
Anderson 6

Howarth 5
Scully 5
Archibald 5


Vital Reserves Team
Palmer 6
Eyoma 5.5
Montsma 6.5
Jackson 5.5
Edun 4.5
Bridcutt 6.5
McGrandles 6
Jones 5.5
Grant 6
Hopper 6
Anderson 6

Howarth 5.5
Scully 6


Vital Football Legend
Palmer 6 didn't have much to do or make any mistakes
Eyoma 6.5 one of the better outfielders
Montsma 7 edged motm with usual performance. Gave away a few free kicks but biggest attacking danger
Jackson 3 bit of a shocker really, so rash for the penalty and then to compound it with two other avoidable challenges and get a red... Hopefully just an aberration as been great up to now.
Edun 4.5 loose on the ball, defended okay
Bridcutt 6 reasonable but often effects the game in very deep positions. Against poorer teams you wonder if grant could do it
McGrandles 6 more noticeable than Jones who is the obvious reference point.
Jones 5.5 quiet, sometimes without huge goal threat he isn't in the game so much?
Grant 5.5 struggled to get on ball in dangerous areas from left.
Hopper 6 real lack of presence up top when he goes off. Lot of chasing and challenging back yesterday
Anderson 6 huffed and puffed

Howarth 5 few touches but never really ran at pace or committed people as I saw in the friendlies. I guess he was maybe there to draw people inside and have Anderson fly past him but never totally worked
Scully 5 barely touched the ball, not entirely his fault but we might be in trouble if he is a regular lone striker / Hopper and Morton are out.

Know he didn't get the minutes but agree Archibald was probably the liveliest attacking sub


Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer. 6.5 Solid and did little wrong. Almost got to the penalty.
Eyoma. 6.5 Played well and linked up the play before being tactical subbed.
Jackson. 5. Poor decision making from him today.
Montsma. 6.5. A good performance but too many late rash tackles which played into Rovers hands.
Edun. 4.5 I lost count of the wayward passes to men in blue shirts. One hospital pass where Lewis got him out of jail big time. At least he did not hide.
Bridcutt. 6. Good game control but he is hot headed and prone to get frustrated. He is a red card waiting to happen.
Mcgrandles. 6.5. Good energy from the duracel bunny.
Jones. 6. Average today and didn't influence the game enough.
Grant. 6. A mixed bag. Some lovely crosses and some very wasteful ones. A real management conundrum as to where best to play him so he can maximise his effect on the game.
Hopper 6. Linked play well at times but had poor service and was carrying a knock before he went off.
Anderson. 6. Given his recent high standards this was only par. Was probably more effectual at full back.
Howarth. 5 Struggled to get involved and unable to beat his man. For me he was the wrong first substitution.
Scully. 5 . Made very little impact.
Archibald. 6.5. Much more impact and started to make things happen but needed longer on the pitch
Man of the match a close call but I will go for Eyoma.


Vital Youth Team
Palmer. 6 Not much to do, but I think he should have come for the cross for the first goal.

Eyoma. 6.5 Decent display both defending and going forward.
Jackson. 4 Didn't look fully fit and a yard off the pace throughout. Resulting in three late tackles - two got yellows, and one a penalty.
Montsma. 6.5. Best defender today
Edun. 4 A display that proved Roughan is our best left back. Distribution was very poor and no chemistry at all with either Grant or Archibald
Bridcutt. 6. Decent game, but I am starting to wonder if Grant would be better in that position.
Mcgrandles. 6.5. Energy and commitment, but not a great deal of creation
Jones. 6.5. Energy and commitment, but not a great deal of creation

Grant. 6. Wasted on the left wing, but has to play because he creates so much. But where?
Hopper 6. No service, but usual committed display.
Anderson. 6. Average until he moved to right back

Howarth. 5 Was disappointed with Howarth after a good display at Mansfield. Looked lost out on the right wing.
Scully. 5 . Very little impact in the Hopper role, which is probably understandable.
Archibald. 6.5. Would like to see if he can develope a partnership with Roughan


Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer 6.5
Eyoma 5.5
Montsma 6.5
Jackson 5
Edun 5.5
Bridcutt 6.5
McGrandles 6
Jones 6
Grant 6.5
Hopper 6
Anderson 6

Howarth 5.5
Scully 5.5
Palmer - 6 - No blame for either goal, some solid stops
Eyoma - 6.5 - Some nice touches but would have liked him to overlap more, trickier when we're not countering. Looked like a centre back playing at full back for the first time really imo
Montsma - 6.5 - Same as always really. Mostly good, some inexperienced decisions and a goal (not according to Betfair :()
Jackson - 5 - Two silly challenges, might be left out a while with Walsh re-entering the fold and Lewis coming back to challenge TJ for right back?
Edun - 4 - Very poor distribution, consistently chose difficult passes and didn't pull them off
Bridcutt - 6.5 - Really battling display and attempted to make things happen.
McGrandles - 6 - Some good tackling and harrying but struggled to provide much intensity going forwards
Jones - 5.5 - Struggled to really make anything happen going forwards although not helped by some poor service from the back and out wide
Grant - 6.5 - I don't agree with Hortin's comment that he's been our best player so far. Don't get me wrong, he's been good and his set piece delivery up to a very high standard but feel yesterday highlighted how he can struggle to impose himself on a game out wide.
Hopper - 6.5 - Always willing to put himself about and toil for the side. Didn't look much like scoring although the crosses never reached him.
Anderson - 6 - Struggled with less space to operate in, presumably the thinking with him going to right back was for Remy to operate inside to allow for overlaps but didn't work in practice.

Howarth - 5 - Didn't really look like creating anything and some worrying signs of holding onto the ball for too long, also seen in the Trophy where the frustrated shouts from teammates and coaches was audible.
Scully - 6 - Think he should have been out wide with Soule on up front as a focal point.


Vital Squad Member
Palmer 6.5 Not very busy apart from picking the ball out of the net twice
Eyoma 7.0 Thought he looked strong in defence and got forward
Edun 6.5 Defended okay
Montsma 7.5 Gave away ages unnecessary free kicks but overall a strong display
Jackson 4.5 A day to forget
Bridcutt 6.5 Tidy and competitive
Jones 6.5 Usual decent effort
McGrandles 7.0 Unlucky not to get a penalty, as many refs nowadays think deliberately stopping to make contact with a persuing defender is a foul. It maybe is but ...
Grant 7.0 Good delivery for the goal
Anderson 6.5 Wanted him to take on the fullback but seemed reluctant. But nearly had a goal with best first half chance.
Hopper 6.5 Usual competent performance until injured

Howarth 6.0
Scully 6.5

Apart from Jackson, nobody did too much wrong. BR had a couple of good chances and converted them both. Think we will end up above them come May.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer -6 - close to an 8 if he'd got the penalty.
Eyoma-5.5 - not up the standards he's set so far this season.
Montsma 7 - best of the defence
Jackson 5 - bad day at the office, gave away the penalty and reckless for his second yellow.
Edun - 6 - some good passes, some over ambitious and lose ones, always lively and never hid, not as bad as a few have made out.
Bridcutt -6.5 - tried to get things moving as the team as a whole were under par.
McGrandles -7 trojan in midfield.
Jones 6.5 - not at his influential best.
Grant-7 - maybe a game for him as CM or 10 to try and unlock a stubborn defence.
Hopper -7 - hard working, hope injury not serious as irreplaceable in current squad.
Anderson - 6.5 - some good, some frustrating moments

Howarth 5 - struggled to make an impact against a much better side than Tuesday's opposition.
Scully 5 - as above.

Archibald, though not on long, had the most impact of the subs including one good run and cross.

A frustrating day against a well organised, obdurate side, MA will hopefully use as a further step in the squad's education.

Red Wimp

Vital Football Hero
Palmer - 6
Eyoma - 7
Montsma - 6.5
Jackson -5
Edun - 5
Bridcutt - 6,5
McGrandles -6.5
Jones - 6
Grant - 6.5
Hopper - 6
Anderson - 6

Howarth - 6
Scully - 5.5