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Rate The Players v AFC Wimbledon


Vital Football Legend
Another league season concludes with a list of new club records - see elsewhere for details - and a first ever shot at the third tier play-offs. We have Sunderland between us and Wembley - assuming the EFL does not prostrate before the mighty UEFA and allow the play-off finals to be moved to Scunthorpe - and many City supporters are extremely pleased with our semi-final opponents.

So, one long and compacted season ends and a second mini-season begins. City need to win two more games to return to a place they haven't been for 60 years. Hold on to your hats.

6.0 is the par score, use half-marks and give us your comments too.

Deadline is 5pm on Monday.




Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer - 6.5
Poole - 5.5
Eyoma - 6.5
Walsh - 6
Edun - 6.5
McGrandles - 6
Bridcutt - 6.5
Grant - 5.5
Johnson - 5.5
Hopper - 5.5
Rogers - 6.5

Jackson - 6.5
Montsma - 6


Vital Football Legend
Palmer: 6 Had almost nothing to do, so can only be a par score.
Poole: 6 My match notes show an error-strewn first half and a good second half, so a balanced six is the logical score.
Eyoma: 6 Gave nothing away, but AFCW were a bit lightweight up front.
Walsh: 6 Ditto Eyoma. More importantly, that's another 45 minutes completed.
Edun: 7 Good in attack, some great pieces of skill in midfield, coped well with Rudoni who was a handful.
Bridcutt: 6.5 Mopped up well in front of the defence, as always. We look so much more solid with him.
McGrandles: 7 Actually started poorly but much better after the first 15.
Grant: 6.5 A quiet game by his standards, but some excellent crossfield balls later on.
Rogers: 6 Another quiet game, but exciting whenever he gets the ball.
Johnson: 6.5 Our most likely scorer but fluffed his lines with our best two chances.
Hopper: 6.5 Actually better in defence than attack, very useful as a third centre back on corners.

Montsma: 6 Good to see him making a couple of trademark surges out from defence, is the old Montsma returning?
Jackson: 6 Ditto Eyoma and Walsh; our centre backs are almost interchangeable.

Norfolk Imp

Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer - 6.5
Poole - 6
Eyoma - 6
Walsh - 6
Edun - 6.5
McGrandles - 6
Bridcutt - 8 MotM :clap:
Grant - 6
Johnson - 5
Hopper - 5.5
Rogers - 7.5

Jackson - 6
Montsma - 6


Vital 1st Team Regular
Palmer - 6.5
Poole - 5.5
Eyoma - 7.5
Walsh - 6
Edun - 6.5
McGrandles - 7
Bridcutt - 6.5
Grant - 5.5
Johnson - 4.5
Hopper - 5
Rogers - 7.5

Jackson - 6
Montsma - 6


Vital 1st Team Regular
Useful low intensity finish to the season ahead of the serious stuff in the play-offs, when finishing needs to be better.
Palmer 6 - nothing much to do, tidy in what he did do.
Poole 6.5 - generally ok defensively, some good balls along the line when Johnson went wide.
Eyoma 6.5 - comfortable.
Walsh 6 - not his best by his usual standards but more game time.
Edun 6.5 - some solid defending and usual forays forward. Dived in a couple of times to be too easily beaten.
Bridcutt 7 - great to see playing the full match, his reading of the game is key to us playing our best.
McGrandles 7 - good tackling, distribution and work rate.
Grant 6.5- newly shorn, quietish first half but more influential in 2nd.
Rogers 7.5 - real skill and threat with the ball, some solid work without it. Continues to improve and looked good in the '10' role too.
Johnson 6 - bit of a curate's egg, could have had another hat trick with better finishing but ultimately a disappointing afternoon.
Hopper 6.5 - usual work rate including good defensive work, finishing seems have regressed to early season poor/not quite there.

Montsma 7 - looked solid and assured.
Jackson 7 - ditto, MA now has 4 good CBs to choose from.


Vital Reserves Team
Palmer 6 - nothing to do, but did it well.

Poole 6 - He is a Danny Cowley type full back, and not a Michael Appleton full back. Time will tell if he can improve.
Eyoma 6.5 - Did well and deserves to stay in the team - at right back.
Walsh 6 - solid, and got some good minutes in.
Edun 6.5 - got forward many times really well, but his crossing was not as good as it can be

Bridcutt 6.5 - decent display without controlling the midfield as much as he usually does
McGrandles 7 - best midfielder again
Grant 6.5- did Ok but not as influential as usual with too many misplaced passes mixed in with the good ones.

Rogers 7 - worked hard without looking as though he would score
Johnson 5.5 - didn't look fit or was told not to overdo things. Never showed any of his pace, and missed opportunities both to take on his man or get shots on target.
Hopper 6.5 - if Tom could add goals to his skills and his work rate, he would play at a much higher level. Unfortunately he probably can't and therefore won't. Happy to have him at Lincoln though.

Montsma 7 - solid
Jackson 7 - solid, but won't displace Walsh on the left, so he is fighting Lewis for a spot next week.

Red Wimp

Vital Champions League
Palmer - 6.5
Poole - 7
Eyoma - 7
Walsh - 6.5
Edun - 6
Bridcutt - 7
McGrandles - 6.5
Grant - 6
Rogers - 7
Johnson - 6
Hopper - 6,5

Montsma - 6
Jackson - 6.5