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Rate The Players v Accrington Stanley


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Very difficult to rate anyone or anything on such a dreadful afternoon; I truly wish matches could be postponed on such days because it is a total lottery to use a cliche, and I hate windy days generally.

But play we did, and rate we must.

6.0 is the par score, use half-marks and give us your comments too.

Deadline is 5pm on Tuesday.




Vital 1st Team Regular
Vickers 7 Good penalty save and I thought his decisions to punch crosses rather than try and catch them was very smart based on the conditions.

Eardley 6 Difficult afternoon for Eards. Not sure what he did wrong to get booked
Bolger 6 First half he dealt with pretty much everything but struggled when the wind increased second half
Shackell 6. Strange old game for Shack. Gets a point for his fine headed goal and the own goal was one which he had to try and get something on it to stop a tap in by their striker. Struggled second half
Edun 6 Another who did well first half but struggled once the gale came in second half.

Bridcutt 6 Liked the way he fitted in between the centre backs for the short goal kicks to offer alternatives. It worked better as a result.
Grant 6.5 Quarterback type of role which he seems much better suited to

Anderson 5 His tackle upon himself first half summed up his match. Couldn't get going
Hesketh 7 Thought he put in a shift today hassling their defenders into errors.
Scully 7.5 Very decent effort today. Full of energy and invention. Strength shown to score his goal. MOM for me

Hopper 7 Showed lots of purpose and strength as the lone striker. Ran the channels really well making space and chances for others

Lewis 7 Playing in a role he's not that accustomed to showed energy and effort to suggest he's a real option right midfield


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Vickers: 7 Although he conceded four goals, one was an own goal and another a wind-assisted worldie. A bonus mark for the penalty save. Generally coped well in the atrocious conditions, but I do wish he would catch the ball sometimes: if you can get both hands to the ball to punch it, why not catch it instead?
Eardley: 6 Thought he had a very good first half, and won a goalkeeper-aided assist for the second goal. Probably holding back a touch in the second half after being warned in the first.
Bolger: 5.5 Very good in the air again - particularly so in the wind - but his distribution was as frustrating as ever. A slight concern that all four goals were scored from central positions.
Shackell: 5.5 Scored at both ends, and ditto the comment about all four goals. We really do not have two centre halves capable of passing out from the back either.
Edun: 7 Thought he was excellent going forward, definitely a left-sided midfielder for me. Great touch on the ball and intelligent with it. Seemed to be running City's left side single-handed, but half a mark off for not clearing the ball for their third goal.
Bridcutt: 6.5 Classy on the ball, seems to have time that others do not have. Faded towards the end as Accrington charged through the middle in the storm. A match fitness problem, perhaps.
Anderson: 5 Never got into the game; no surprise to see him go off early in the second half.
Grant: 6.5 One assist and possibly two, but in and out of the game generally.
Hesketh: 5.5 I forgot he was playing on several occasions; struggling to see what he gives us.
Hopper: 6.5 Very quiet start to the game, forgot he was on the pitch until the fifteenth minute. Played quite well after that and showed some intelligent passes.
Scully: 7.5 Really like this lad, he is going to be good. General awareness is very good for a player with three first team appearances to his name; must start the next few games at least.

Lewis: 7 Impressed by him when he has played at full back, and impressed by him today in midfield. Delighted to see him score and pleased to have him under contract now.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Atrocious conditions seriously affected the game, but it was the same for both sides. Starting to feel a bit more encouraged and keen to see this side in another two or three games as they gel better.

Vickers - 7 - most difficult position in those conditions but Vickers did fairly well. Maybe could have done better with the shot from outside the area, but I won’t hold it against him, particularly in view of the penalty save.
Eardley - 6.5 - didn’t seem to have the same impact as previously but beautiful cross for the Lewis goal.
Bolger - 7 - fairly solid. Cleared most of the danger that came his way and didn’t mess about too much playing out from the back.
Shackell - 6 - an OG, uncomfortable playing out from the back but a well taken goal. Not sure his head is in the right place at the moment. Depends what discussions him & MA have had?
Edun - 6.5 - mixed feelings, but accept it’s not his preferred role and he’s young and inexperienced. Showed a bit with their No7 and his physical approach to wing play - think Tayo struggled a little bit at times.
Anderson - 4 - not his day and just never really got into the game.
Bridcutt - 7 - powerful presence in defensive MF role. Impressed with him dropping into almost a CB position to help out with picking the ball up and bringing it out.
Grant - 7 - think he struggled with the conditions a bit I think but put in a good shift until going off (surprised by that - an injury?)
Hesketh - 4 - (sorry Sedgley) ran around like a headless chicken and didn’t contribute anything. Powder-puff. Amazed he didn’t get subbed off.
Scully - 7.5 - battled hard throughout with no little skill, particularly given his lack of experience. Much to come. A well controlled and well-taken goal.
Hopper - 6.5 - starting to see some influential play from him. Couple of lovely passes & flick-ons, couple of good hold-up moves and ran the channels well. Hopefully will be even sharper as he gets more game-time.

Lewis - 7 - great contribution for 40 mins. Well taken goal, one good shot just after coming on that tested their keeper and seemed to play the right sided MF role really well. May have a good understanding with Eardley as well?

Honourable mention for Bossie - great to see him back on the pitch and getting stuck in as we know he can 👏
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Vital Reserves Team
Despite conditions i thought it was an entertaing game with some decent football played af times..

Vickers 7
Eardley 6
Bolger 6
Shackell 5.5
Edun 6.5
Bridcutt 6.5
Anderson 4
Grant 6.5
Hesketh 5
Hopper 6.5
Scully 7

Lewis 7

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Vital 1st Team Regular
Agree with ScotImp's intro, conditions deteriorated during the match and were at their worst and to our disadvantage in the last 20 mins which gives some context to the outcome.,
Vickers -7 despite conceding 4 had a good game, saved a (poor) penalty, sound decision making taking account of conditions, eg punching high balls.
Eardley 5.5 on a day the experienced players needed to step up, a mixed game, good cross for Lewis's goal but suspect for the winner
Bolger 6.5 generally sound, passing out ok when playing out more in the first half
Shackell 5 og (see also Alderweild for Spurs, it's much worse), penalty (soft admittedly), awol for 2nd, his reaction to his goal a rage against a dying of the light?
Edun 7 worked well getting forward, a neat and clever player, less convincing defensively but shows signs of learning, a promising start to the era of diamond polishing which is MA's mission
Bridcutt 6 conditions and opposition meant a real scrap, showed his experience and skills but caught out for a couple of the goals conceded?
Anderson 5 worked hard against a robust defence, assist for the first goal. Early sub an injury or tactical, if latter it worked
Grant 7 hard to imagine a day less suitable for him, he put in a shift in CM, looking to create. Looked to have picked up a thigh injury before being subbed.
Hesketh 7 clearly marmite, I thought he had a good game, worked hard, tried to create and link up play.
Hopper 7 phew! Signs of the player MA has coveted, clever and skilful but competed physically before picking up his late head injury.
Scully 7.5 mobile, feisty, created space to take his goal and had a couple of other chances. Occasional positional walkabouts, but promising as per Edun

Lewis 7 even stronger than Harry A and better suited to the scrap, nicely positioned to react for his goal. We'll not mention the free kick though...

Ellis nearly the hero with his first touch, battled manfully in really tough circumstances.

Bozzie - great to see him back, and fully committed, but lost possession then missed a challenge in build-up to winner.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Vickers. 6. Made a few good saves But question marks over positioning being beaten at the near post twice. Distribution decent in the conditions.
Eardley. 5.5.
Bolger. 5.5
Shackell. 5
Eden 5.5 All struggled and were all guilty of making mistakes leading up to and conceding the goals.
Bridcutt. 6. For the 3rd game running he has looked class for 70 minutes and then totally knackered for the last 20 which led to them bursting through our midfield towards the end. It was crying out for Bozzie to steady the ship in midfield.
Grant 6. Played well and looked to have more energy than Bridcutt when he was subbed and I didn’t notice an injury. Linked some nice moves together.
Anderson 5. Not on it and no real surprise he was subbed. One good surging run first half but had to do more
Hesketh. 5. Usual playing on the periphery and no major contribution. Game for muscle instead of subtlety.
Scully. 7. MoM performance. Well taken goal and posed a threat. Strong and tough for a smallish player and no lightweight.
Hopper 6.5. Had a good game, won a lot of 50/50s and held the ball up allowing others to play. Showed to be mobile and full of running.

Lewis. 7. Gave us a right side threat. Neat and clever passages of play. Well worth a run in the team.

Interesting note, Pritchard for them and Lewis for us both came on as sub and scored within minutes and Chapman missed a great chance following a great move minutes after he came on. The winner was scored by Finley, another substitute.