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Rate (or rant about if you like) the ref v Northampton (Home)


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Well anything should be an improvement after last week, Jules went hoarse so heres hoping that Michael Salisbury's reappearance saves him sucking on a Fishermans Friend! Here's his take on this weeks candidate https://lincoln.vitalfootball.co.uk/lincoln-city-v-northampton-town-thank-god-its-not-mike-dean/

John Brooks 9.00
Dean Whitestone 8.96
Stuart Atwell 8.59
Scott Duncan 7.78
Gavin Ward 7.55
Graham Salisbury 7.21
Anthony Backhouse 6.98
Sebatian Stockbidge (2) 6.96
Paul Marsden 6.50
John Busby 6.47
Geoff Eltringham 6.43
Michael Salisbury 6.35
Dean Whitestone 6.15
Thomas Bramall 6.13
Martin Coy 6.08
Lee Swabey 5.78
Kevin Richardson 5.71
Matthew Donohue 5.45
David Coote 5.25
Carl Boyeson (2) 5.18
Mike Dean 5.01
Neil Hair 4.78
Peter Wright
Andy Haines 4.15
Chris Sarginson 3.89
Ben Toner (2) 3.67
Brett Huxtable 2.61
Anthony Coggins 1.91
Lee Collins 1.44


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Can quite remember Salisbury in the Accrington Stanley game, on the worst pitch in league2, gave us nothing, they had a penalty, josh saved, and they were promoted from it, and he lived a stones throw from their ground. I think my vote that day was 2 for turning up absolutely awful. supporters were huddled up in that sardine can of a stand. How do clubs away with it, and with such awful grounds. come on EFL.


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I'll call it at 3:56pm, this fella is going to get hammered!
I'll give him the red. Maybe a yellow with a different ref, but as the pundits say "Harry gave him a decision to make" . With a picky ref Harry should know better.
But, the bloke is killing the game. Far, far too many soft decisions. I saw a German coach suggest that basketball allows mire contact than football nowadays, I make him right.
This guy is a joker. I'm giving him 2/10 for 45 minutes, he may get a maximum of 2.5 at 90!


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Shocking. Can't argue with the red card, but the rest was just terrible. Gave a string of free kicks he shouldn't and failed to give a string of free kicks he should. Quite how he has missed the handball at the end is mystifying. Slightly worse than the clown last week. He can have a mighty generous 3/10 (purely because I think he got the red card right).


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For finding the ground, & getting the red card correct 2/10. Where do the FA find these clowns. Appears to be no consequence for there inadequate displays.


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Ok so I'm guessing Jules is now overdosing on Strepsils. Firstly the red was correct, there was a lot of diving about by both teams today which I felt he did well to ignore in particular Harry's attempt to get a penalty, but the handball late on for me was a straight forward decision, penalty every day. As a ref you never want to be involved in a farce, which alas his officiating turned it into.



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-3 for me for the 3 penalties, and we had Wigglesworth Co-Op flag, so what do we expect. Good job we are now used to playing against 12 now a days.

come on boys


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I'm gonna give him a 5. He got the red card right, and overall I think he did well not to buy into all the play-acting from both teams (particularly Northampton - Curle's got a nerve talking about us using dark arts!)

However, he did deny us two clear goalscoring chances, first when he bottled that decision in the first half and secondly with the handball late on, which I haven't seen back but by all accounts was stonewall.

I've certainly seen worse refs, but two poor decisions let him down.


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I thought he was ok in the first half, but lost the plot completely in the second. A shocker of a decision, re: the penalty that never was, may have cost us two points.


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1. Got the red card right.

First time I've rated the ref in a long while. I really can't shake the belief that he wasn't just incompetent. We get that most weeks, I genuinely felt like he wasn't calling it evenly for both sides. A player in a yellow shirt could make the same challenge as one in a red and white and he'd only punish the latter. I'm sure I must be wrong but it doesn't feel like it at the moment!
3/10,and getting sick of the standard of refereing we're having to put up with. Very little improvement overall from the conference days. No problem with the red, one of the few things he got right.


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1 for getting the red card right but apart from he was worse than last week's goon who was at least crap for both teams.
Missed the assault on Freck (right in front of him ) missed a string of shirt pulls on Akinde (most of them right in front him ), Bolger flattened in the area twice when the ball went in for our corners, how many handballs did he not give including the one in injury time? Wigglesworth was a crap conference and is equally crap as a league lino, couldn't wait to give us offside but wouldn't give anything in our favour.
The standard of officals seems to be getting worse each game with the odd exception.


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Danny's comment on radio Linc's hit the nail on the head
Refs are looking to show how 'strong' they are at Lincoln by not giving anything
1/10 for remembering to bring his watch
Not so sure about his Watch, it was 5pm when we finished!
Sticking with my 2/10 at 3:50!


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Recklessly wiping out an opponent on the edge of the box in the opening minutes - not even a freekick apparently.
Late tackle on the stretch - red card
Ball strikes raised arm away from the body in the last minute - not a penalty apparently.
Total bottle job of a clown; got the big decision right for one team and blatantly ignored big decisions against the other. Myopic and incompetent 1/10.