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'Rare' Sir Isaac Newton work found on bookshelf sells for £22k


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A first edition copy of Sir Isaac Newton's Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy in English has sold at auction for £22,000.

The "rare" volumes were found on a bookshelf in a house in South Wales during a lockdown clear out.

Auctioneer, Chris Albury said he "almost fell off" his chair when he realised it was "the greatest work of science in the English language".



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Lincolnshire's greatest ?
For me, the greatest mathematical/physics genius of all time.

He not only developed what became known as Newtonian mechanics but also invented (simultaneously with Liebniz), calculus, that ultimately allowed almost every other major mathematical/physics discovery since.

Astonishing intellect.


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In fact, calculus was the tool used to show Newtonian mechanics was an approximation. Newton invented his own obselescence, which takes a singular genius.


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If Whitehouse and Russell can take 360 pages to prove that 1+1=2, then I can take a little while to solve the easy questions on the link. Unless I am just being deceptive.