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Rape - its just an alternate mating strategy!



Why evolutionary scientists should not get near our kids or schools!

Thornhill and Palmer(both US Evolutionary biologists) argue that rape evolved as an "alternative mating strategy", and they contend that it is a "natural, biological phenomenon and a product of our evolutionary heritage". They also take issue with the idea that rape is fundamentally an act of violence. That theory was put forward 25 years ago by feminist scholar Susan Brownmiller. In her treatise Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape, she described rape as an attempt by men to dominate and control women.

This week, Thornhill battled it out head to head with Brownmiller on US public radio, arguing that rape be regarded as an act of sex, not violence. Brownmiller was fiercely critical of the theory and of the scientists. "Obviously rape involves the sex organs, but what I was saying (in Against Our Will) was that rape is not sexy," Brownmiller said. "Men had romanticised rape and saw it as a Robin Hood act of machismo. But for women it is not sexy - it is pure humiliation and degradation."

Thornhill and Palmer consistently state that their theory does not justify rape and argue that their aim is to eradicate the behaviour, but they have nonetheless encountered vehement opposition wherever they have gone. Scheduled lectures have been cancelled. And their argument that "just because something is 'natural' does not make it right" has not been persuasive to many who fear that rapists may try to use it as a defence in court.



Evolutionary Psychologist - We are natural born Killers.
Murder its perfectly normal folks, dont forget to teach your kids!

David Buss of the University of Texas asked his students if they had ever thought seriously about killing someone, and if so, to write out their homicidal fantasies in an essay. He was astonished to find that 91 percent of the men and 84 percent of the women had detailed, vivid homicidal fantasies. He was even more astonished to learn how many steps some of his students had taken toward carrying them out.

One woman invited an abusive ex-boyfriend to dinner with thoughts of stabbing him in the chest. A young man in a fit of road rage pulled a baseball bat out of his trunk and would have pummeled his opponent if he hadn’t run away. Another young man planned the progression of his murder — crushing a former friend’s fingers, puncturing his lungs, then killing him.

These thoughts do not arise from playing violent video games, Buss argues. They occur because we are descended from creatures who killed to thrive and survive. We’re natural-born killers and the real question is not what makes people kill but what prevents them from doing so.


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Rape is a very tender subject whichever way you look at it, for one reason or another......

However, after saying that, to me it is crystal clear when the subject of those Indian guys who raped that poor girl on a bus in front of many witnesses. The fact that she died a couple of weeks later goes to show how brutal the crime was..... Crystal clear as I say.

When it is this clear, there is only one answer.
What's new here? We spend every minute of every day fighting our Evolutionary beneficial behavior. We are such a young species, we haven't had time to adapt at that sort of level yet, so we set rules to help us stop these.

Give us another 100,000 years and we might evolve our way out of it.


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Males in general are bigger, stronger and faster iwhat these guys are saying is way back when thats how shit went down... We were (and still are) savages and nobody wants to accept it...


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Rape is about power, the right to control by fear. Yes a sexual act is involved but it is still about the ultimate power. No wonder these guys are being ostracized