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The Pope turned his invite down to head off to the much safer Iraq instead. The Vatican can neither confirm or deny whether Charles Green traveled with his Holiness.

The best thing about Rangers winning the title, it's pissed wee Nicola Krankie right off. The Union Jack flies high.


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He certainly isn’t well thought of in our house. He played centre forward and I played centre half against him some 50 years ago and the ba*%t@rd broke my upper jaw and cheek bone when he headed me purposely. I’d would have cheerfully strangled him if I had seen him for weeks after 😡 I looked like I had done ten rounds with Tyson!! Put me off work for six weeks. I had two kids and a mortgage and i only got sick pay. Teams didn’t insure players in them days☹️ Horrible excuse for a man doing that to someone. I believe he played for Stevenage in the Southern league at the time. He had a half brother Ray Mountford who played in goal for Manure and Rotherham.