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A group called Race for Sport are calling for the FA to take action against Woy for his monkey joke and are insisting that all managers undergo 'cultural intelligence' training.

It seems to me that racism in the UK has reached the hysterical levels of the McCarty Witch Hunt for communists in the USA.

Here we have a man who is doing his job well and is considered to be a decent man by all who know him. What he said in the dressing room wasn't racist and wasn't taken to be racist by the people he said it to. Then a newspaper picks it up and suddenly all of these groups like the Black Lawyers and Race for Sport and looking for him to be punished for implying meaning to his words which wasn't there when he said them.

It seems to me that these professionally offended people are now looking for Roy's head because he used the word monkey.

The paranoia with racists in the UK seems to have reached a frenzy where saying a word like black or monkey regardless of the context makes you a racist.

Blackboard and ba ba black sheep are gone. Are we still allowed to have black hair or wear black shoes. Is the word black racist? If I drive a black car, does that make me racist? How about if I see a monkey in the jungle, should I keep it to myself for fear of being branded a racist?

And we all know that there is nothing worse than a racist. It's the very worst thing that a human being can be. Rapists can serve their time and resume their tv career but racists know that they'll never be allowed back in the studio. You could be a drug dealer and your neighbours would still say an embarrassed hello but a racist wouldn't even deserve eye contact.

The irony of it all is that I've never met anyone from the UK who was actually a racist. I'm not saying they don't exist buy have you ever met a Russian who didn't detest Africans? That's real racism. Groups of youths attacking migrant workers - that's real racism.

Perhaps the problem with groups like Race for Sport and the Black Lawyers is that there are no more battles to fight. The racism that Britain experienced in the 1950s is gone and now they have to invent enemies to keep themselves relevant?


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Racism is used too much. If you discriminate against, offend, insult some one because of their colour then that is racist. Words are not racist, its the way you use them, for example if i say "dick" no one is offended if I say "you are a dick" then its offensive. The word monkey is not racist, it is the name of a species of animal, black is not racist, it is a colour. The same with the yid/spurs situation, how is saying yid offensive to themselves?. You are right it is a witch hunt, people are looking to find racism, and I think people are starting to get sick of it, which is surely the opposite of what the anti racism groups should want. There has certainly been a change recently, with the Suarez and Tery racism rows they were outrages, now when you see racism on the sports pages it's just like "oh... another racism story"


Full of rascist feckers on here, ''are mean ffs whats sa funny bout the yam yam accent, i hope yam happy with yaselves om just like yo remember'' :5:


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Was out last night to see the UK Rocklegends decent band my mate who was there is married to black girl absolute crackers she is a great laugh.Anyway four us got talking about the Hodgson incident and we were all getting wound up about the whole incident being so pathetic.But Serena the black girl who loves football couldn't even be bothered to comment all she was going on about was that 15 of them were going to be in Teneriffe to watch the World cup and couldn't wait.This got me thinking were just as pathetic for even being bothered about it if we all took her stance then these pathetic people who spread this shit would have no purpose.


I admit im rascist, i hate elves there ears remind me of spock, at least i am honest and admit it, i just can not pretend in every day life any longer about this, i needed to get it off my chest!

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I don't much like running so I guess I'm race'ist

This has been discussed in open terrace.

To be fair, although not meant, to say 'feed the monkey' when the player was black is never going to be a good move purely because of the ignorant good for nothing scumbags who have used monkey noises etc towards black people over the years.

Although he was repeating a joke, it wasn't well thought out at all. As said in the open terrace thread, I used to call kids cheeky monkeys, realised at some point that could be taken very differently to how it was intended, so stopped.

Maybe we shouldn't have to be so politically correct but then I've never had to face racist comments.

I do however suffer vile baldist comments daily! :3:


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"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less."
"The question is," said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."
"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be the master - that's all."


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SKEGGY - 19/10/2013 21:38

That's their word
Got to be true Skegg because the in laws have always said on the day of birth how much they all looked like me.When I looked at their little scrunched up faces I thought the in laws must think i'm right ugly bugger cheeky twats.


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The problem is we tolerate any idiot who gets offended sometimes people should just be told where to go...

Intent and context are lost on these PC dummies...
I think the key point is, non of the players complained. So somebody mentioned it, I assume as a joke, to the press and dumbly didn't realise the ramifications.

But don't we currently have a Spurs fan charged with using the words 'Yid Army' after a bunch of lawyers decided it was racist?

No right person of sound mind and being anything other than Black would use the word '******' but apparently it's allowed in every rap song going, so when are the lawyers going to jump on that.

I have Irish heritage, I'm confidently expecting a letter saying I can't call anyone Paddy.

Then again I also have English heritage, and I'm not sure how much longer I can say 'creamy white thighs' especially as I like that kind of thing sexually, which is even worse, because that's sexual harassment, as well as potentially racist.

But you can't call those people who have fake tans or stick themselves in a toaster orange, because that's a bit too much like a darker yellow which implies Oriental.

And I definitely fall down on deciding what to order in when I say are we having a pizza, an Indian or a Chinky.

But to echo JF and cheeky monkey, our oldest many years back was having a laugh with a kid she went to school with, I commented you cheeky monkey in front of both of them and her dad - who I didn't know well.

Both of them were black. Not my eldest at the point obviously.

I actually took a double take from the innocent comment, and fair play to him he spotted it, and looked at me like I was a total prick for even worrying about it and then we had a good laugh about the fact that I turned into a PC twat.

What next, we can't call ourselves Villans, because it's implying we all commit crimes and it's libellous?

Fucking world has gone mad, normally via people who aren't offended, but feel they should be and get offended when they have no basis to do so in the first place.


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Good points there BB, if there is a less openly racist country in Europe than the UK I'd like to know where. Certainly it's more obvious in France. As you say, there are many countries where racism is still widespread and deeply ingrained.

As I mentioned on another thread, these institutions and organisations are desperate to justify their funding, and defend their own jobs, they happily jump on any bandwagon going and create trouble (and publicity for themselves) where non exists.


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Actually Mike and this is a true story, although it was in 2001.

I have a clearly Irish name, most of my extended family are from Belfast and basically sound like Ian Paisley.

I was in training back in 2001 and for what-ever reason I said "You're taking the mick ain't ya "

Honest to god, I was asked to leave the classroom whereby the lecturer came out and told me that was a rascist comment that could cause offence.

I just laughed in his face.



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Holtetower, anyone who comes from there would tell you that Ian Paisley does not have a Belfast accent. He's not from there and sounds like a bit of a clodhopper to my ears.
It'd be a bit like my saying someone from Wolverhampton sounded like a Brummie. Similar perhaps - but different!


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We only have ourselves to blame really nobody will stand up these fellas and tell them where to go... Everyone is afraid of being labelled racist because it can ruin your life but at some stage it may become necessary to stand up...

The Fear

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CDX_EIRE - 20/10/2013 18:30

We only have ourselves to blame really nobody will stand up these fellas and tell them where to go... Everyone is afraid of being labelled racist because it can ruin your life but at some stage it may become necessary to stand up...