Race 12 - Hungarian Grand Prix


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Hungarian Grand Prix - Predictions are reverse order.

Budapest, 27-29 July

Predictions are reverse order.

Predictions must be made before qualifying begins.

The two drivers you select will score the same points as they achieve in the official F1 standings in reverse.

(Assuming 20 drivers start the race)

20th : 25 points, 19th : 18 points, 18th : 15 points, 17th: 12 points, 16th : 10 points, 15th : 8 points, 14th : 6 points, 13th : 4 points, 12th : 2 points, 11th : 1 point, 10th : 0 points, 9th : 0 points, 8th and higher: 0 points etc.

If less than all 20 drivers start the race the points will be amended accordingly. Eg 25 points will go to 19th place if 19 start or 25 points will go to 18th place if 18 start etc.

So for example if you selected Perez as your first driver, who goes on to finish 22nd, you will score 25 points for him. If you selected Palmer as your second driver who goes on to finish 10th you will score 0 points, which will score you a total of 25 points for the race.