Quiz - Pot Luck Pt IV | Vital Football

Quiz - Pot Luck Pt IV


Vital Football Legend
It's back to general knowledge again. Good luck :69:

16. Have many sides has a cuboid? 6d

17. Which two Argentinian footballers were bought by Spurs after the 1978 World Cup? Caz

18. What's the theme song of M*A*S*H? Caz

19. Which major river flows through Washington DC? LRM

20. What do you ride on if you take part in three-day eventing? Caz




Vital Football Legend
Round up:

16. Six - 6d
17. Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricardo Villa - Caz
18. Suicide is Painless - Caz
19. Potomac - LRM
20. A horse - Caz

Good stuff you three, cheers for joining in.