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Quiz - Pot Luck Pt. III


Vital Football Legend
Here is another general knowledge quiz. Good luck. :44:

11. What life-threatening thing appeared in London for the last time in 1962? Masks were needed. Caz

12. At which ground was the first match of the 2005 Ashes series held? Caz

13. Called cotton candy in America, What's the sweet named in the UK? Caz

14. At which famous Hall is the Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance held? Caz

15. Which Christmas decoration is a parasite of the apple tree? DM




Vital Football Legend
Round up:

11. Smog - Caz
12. Lords - Caz
13. Candy floss - Caz
14. Royal Albert Hall - Caz
15. Mistletoe - DM

You two did well there, ta for joining in.