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Quiz - 90s Films


Vital Football Legend
We are nearly coming to the end of this 90s film quiz, and you've done well with the others, so we'll give it a go again. Good luck :44:

21. Which Park was the Spielberg film about dinosaurs? 6d

22. Where was someone Sleepless in the film with Meg Ryan? 6d

23. Which Disney release told the story of an American Indian heroine? 6d

24. In which series of films would you find Robin and the Joker? 6d

25. Daniel Day-Lewis starred in the Last of what in 1992? Caz




Vital Football Legend
Round up:

21. Jurassic - 6d
22. Seattle - 6d
23. Pocahontas - 6d
24. Batman - 6d
25. Mohicans - Caz

Good stuff girls, ta for joining in.