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Quarter Final Dates


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Any idea when these are announced? One per day on the Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon I assume.

I'm supposed to be at a wedding reception on the Saturday night and there's a one in four chance that I've got to to start thinking of some good excuses not to attend.


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Start thinking - because of 6 nations, Europa Cup and police recommendations, I'd say Saturday is the most likely - possibly the early kick off though. Could be Monday night, but with the possibility of us being in the FA Trophy semis that would then mean the 2 legs would need to be Thursday and Sunday, all a bit messy - not that the FA or TV companies would care of course. Agree with Luke, Friday unlikely, BBC have a 6 nations match and BT unlikely to want to go up against that.


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Slat8 - 21/2/2017 13:28

It is a tough one to call but with city, united and possibly spurs all with Europe we have to be favourite for the Monday slot ....?
Not necessarily. Unless they delay a decision, the FA have to assume both Man U and Spurs will be in the Europa League both Thursdays before and after the 6th Round, so they will play their matches Sunday or Monday. The Met will insist Spurs play Millwall early on Sunday, say 12.30ish. Chelsea v Utd will then be later on Sunday, or possibly Monday.

As the one non-London match, it makes sense for Middlesborough to play on Saturday around the time England play their 6 nations match (ITV), so that will be the late Saturday match, 5.15 or so. Citeh have a Champions League match the following Wednesday, so they will want Saturday, or Sunday under sufferance, and the time will have to be set on the assumption they win their replay.

That leaves our match as the early Saturday kick off, 12.30 or so. Depends on TV choices of course, which could see our match pushed to the Monday, but I'd say that Saturday slot is favourite.

This is all sensible and rational, but I am biased as Saturday is OK for me, Monday a disaster!


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I'd be happy with Saturday lunchtime or evening. Easy to get to, quick train ride down from Huntingdon to Finsbury Park, no problem.


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Davidimp - 21/2/2017 15:03

Arsenal were due to play Leicester at home at 5.30pm on Saturday before they got through.
And due to be televised too on BTSport so they may just want to stick with that if they can. Suits me.