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Quality players of the past who just wouldn't fit today.


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Shotty, you are describing every single local league player from the 80’s back.

Or did you actually play for Gills? 🤔
Never that fortunate but have known a few who did.
I was a member of the same golf club as Steve Butler so often talked Gills with him, Hessy and Trigger.
If you cut Hess in half, it would say Gills.


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Dean White, to aggressive.
Dave Mehmet, to temperamental.
I Loved those 2 players as well. Dean White proper old school tough nut. Both scored a fair few from midfield as well (Mehmet also more forward).

One of my favourite games ever, a 2-1 win away at the Den. Dean White scored both ours. The 2nd just a minute after they’d equalised and it stopped the frothing, baying hoardes in their tracks 👍

Not an easy journey back to the station or on the train for that matter. A lot of their support seemed to live back in Medway.

chris who

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The striker who scores goals but doesn't contribute much else has really gone out of fashion in the last 10 years. That's what finished off Michael Owen's career. I'm not sure how someone like Cody McDonald would fit into a League One team now, good though he was.
I remember Dick Tydeman once saying of Derek Hayes "He can stand on his head for 89 minutes as long as he scores goals ".Or words to that effect.