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PUP but, Don,t do too well!


Vital Reserves Team
I have a view that is this.
If we can win the Cup then do well and progress.
We cannot win the Cup yet.
Thus success now would show vultures just how good Clarke, Lowe, Curtis and others are.
Imagine . Chelsea 4 Pompey 3 and they play a blinder. Million pound offers flow in and our stablility is shaken by distraction and money.
Remember, we didn't keep one of England's greatest centre forwards after he showed off his class in a cup run.
Mark Hateley who murdered Southampton and also Neil Webb in another. Foster in another. There are others as well.
It would've been great to get someone like Chelsea, ManU, Liverpool etc in the third round, wouldn't it. Sadly it wasn't to be.

However, I don't think Norwich is the worst draw, it also, whilst they'll be favourites, does give the Blues a chance of getting into round four, where that money-spinner could yet happen!

Like you, I think, keeping hold of the likes of Clarke, Lowe, Curtis etc. for the remainder of the season is our biggest challenge. Yes, we don't need to sell but all players have a price and also have ambition.

As it stands, we've got a VERY GOOD chance of playing in the Championship next season, so hopefully these players will take that into account and not even entertain movement until the summer - if we've made it to the Championship WHY would they want to move?!