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Just ordered one, primarily as a blu-ray player that doubles as a games console.

Dont usually do games consoles, very PC based for gaming/music/entertainment.

What do i need to know about PS4?
To play online stuff you need to buy PSN. The price has just risen to £20 for 3 months worth or £50 for a year but Argos are still doing it 'cheaper' £15 and £40 respectively.
CuckFan - 12/10/2017 20:09

Is online necessary? As in, a requirement?
All depends.

If you like dabbling in the odd game then the experience can be enhanced by playing multi player. This is more often than not done 'online'. If you like the war games or something like FIFA then you're pretty much knackered if you dont.

By signing up, you usually get 2 weeks worth for nowt so you can trial it but you have to attach a bank account to it. This is easily deleted by going through the settings after activation but for safety sake I would use an empty account or make sure you turn off auto-renew as they'll bump you for £6 or £7 a month to continue.


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Has santa come early cockfan or did your carers club together ? I don't know where you will get the time to play computer games.