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Press conference

jeffs right

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Well he is paying them a fortune. Legally maybe not. Morally, well it was a most clinical and scheming way of treating a business without any regard for people emotionally, socially and economically attached to that business.
It just says everything most of us recognise about these ruthless characters for them to accept business from such awful people.


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Bloody hell .... what a shit load of press questions!!!! A fucking 5 year old could have asked tougher questions.
(sorry for swearing)

I thought was watching an administrator fighting for his professional pride (and career) .... the add-ons for the players sale fees are s h i t business.

"In order to assist the sale of players for the best possible price, the Joint Administrators instructed Yatin Patel, who was known to both Mr Krasner and Walker Morris as a reliable agent, to assist in this process."


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Parking all of the stuff re Au Yeung, it sounds like they actually did a decent job re player sales, in getting appearance & sell on clauses inserted.

Euxton was always going to happen.

£3m for stadium, and £0.5m ea for C Park and Sharpeys sounds unbalanced.

Club for a quid eh? ........... plus the £5m to run it for a couple of years of course !


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Projected to lose 1.9m-2.2m the next 2 years, with a wage bill of 2.5m on a base revenue of 4m, with a closed stadium and 0 money from gate receipts, with all transfer bills paid off and installments owed to us over the next few years, how does that work?

Joe Williams, release clause 2.5m yet we sold for 1.25m. His market value judging by past Championship transfers was around 7-8m. Would have perhaps been higher but for Covid.

The only reason the creditors arent paid off is because only Fulham have paid upfront, how can we accept cut price fees and not get all the fee upfront?

4.8m due over future seasons, that would have paid off the rest and meant Lowe didnt need to be sold for a cut price fee last night!
We are owed 4 million and have solidarity payment of 2.3 million from EFL to come. 4 million of assets still there, clauses of 2 million in future transfer deals and you can buy for a quid. Can't see why folk wouldn't be queuing up!