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Prediction League

Morning all.

I can only say sorry. The impending arrival of the baby - who has now arrived - and work left me so short of time.

Yes, I think the last was finished, but not finalised. I was hopeful the winner would donate the winnings to charity anyway, so - but will obviously check first when I've found out who won, give me time - hope they'll agree to just do this?

Couldn't get setup before Luton, but will aim to set up before the next.

A week old newborn isn't affording me much free time!

So, SORRY, again!


Vital 1st Team Regular
Congrats Rug.
Wishing you, your lady & the new one, all the best.
Great idea, have a fallow year but I have just joined & made mu useless prediction.


Vital Squad Member
I am hapy to get it up and running for next week - I have seen some boards that have struggled without a prediction compo if the team runs into a dull patch.