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Watching Derek Temple playing for Latics,
it was brilliant that a player of his calibre was playing for us,

He scored the late winner in Everton's 3–2 defeat
of Sheffield Wednesday in the 1966 FA Cup Final.
Went to watch us play Kirkby Town think it was in the early seventies not sure what competition.
Their fans were like animals, throwing stuff at their own goalie as he was warming up and having to be chased off the pitch by the police, after the match they were buggering about trying to let the coach tyres down or nick the wheel trims and had to be chased off.
Derek played that day and I was stood behind the pitch fence along with a few other Latics fans, one of our gobby fans was giving Derek a load of abuse when he came over to the touchline to take a throw in, Derek picked the ball up and edged to the fence where Mr gobby was stood and gave him an elbow as he was taking the throw in, accidentally of course.
A bit of a Cantona moment.
Talking of abuse I'm surprised non of the opposition players didn't react when they were coming down the tunnel, they used to get loads of stick in the sixties.
He scored a few goals for us, played 63 scored (25)
we could do with him now!

In a memorable game in the League Cup,
scoring a goal as Wigan shocked Chelsea with a 4–2 win.
Wasn't he in Lioyds team that perfected the near post flick on from corners, Bradd, Lloyd, Methven and Barrow all powering in , scored a few like that.
Bradd scored a bucketfull of goals at Stockport with his strike partner Stuart Lee.


Vital Reserves Team
Les Bradd had been a legend at Notts County ....then moved on to Stockport from where Larry Loyd signed him for the 81/82 promotion season .....his signing though as a ready made experienced centre forward did much to block Micky Quinn’s route to a regular first team spot....Lloyd stuck with Bradd the following season and that lead to Quinn’s departure for free to Stockport ....and on to a prolific goal scoring career. We missed out on both goals (and money) ☹️

jeffs right

Vital 1st Team Regular
Chelsea brought the giant Mickey Droy on as sub and put him up top. Now I can't see him in their 12 on the list.
Was it only one sub then?
Much better with one sub as nowadays half a squad are piss farting about and posing below the stand.
Sort of meant something when the sub warmed up and took the tracksuit off.