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All the available playoff videos in one thread

The Finals

Torquay at the old Wembley

Scunthorpe at the old Wembley

Orient at the Millenium Stadium
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Semi finals
2017 v Luton Pool won 6-5 on aggregate

2012 v Birmingham Pool won 3-2 on aggregate

2010 v Forrest Pool won 6-4 on aggregate

The 2nd leg with Elbow music and Chissy commentary
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Couple of good memories there Sexy!

v Leyton Orient - Oh, Phil Barnes!

v Scunny - Blackburn Rovers fan comes into the Pool end (they were playing the next day in the play-offs) wearing a Rovers shirt. Several Pool fans jump him and seconds later he appears wearing a Pool shirt much to the delight of the crowd!

Oh yeah, and piling into the services on the M6 going home and not a lot being paid for.....:ROFLMAO:


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Finally - the missing play off games v Batrnet 1991-92 season.
Lost the first leg 1-0 but won 2-0 at Bloomers with Paul Groves and ooohhhh Andy Garner the scorers in a game in which Steve Mcilharghey played a crucial part.
Watch Billy Ayre get the South going at the start of the 2nd leg:bow: