Pogba v De Bruyne


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Oh the twisted logic...... :039: :039:

Talk about creating a convoluted narrative to fit the conclusion.

One of funniest bits for me is the 'argument' that the rags have been pants without him but this is "less a slight on the players stepping in to replace him than an indication of just how good he is" whilst at the same time having to admit that City's midfield can still function in De Bruyne's absence.

Errr? Sorry.....I think that says precisely that without Pogba the remaining midfield Galacticos cannot deliver the same performances.

Fantasy MUEN talking up their boy.


The article is exactly what you say, talking up Pogba trying to justify to amount of money they spent on this man who they had on their books for peanuts and then let go.

They highlight Stoke as a game where Pogba excelled, not a top six club but one fighting relegation zone

When he does it consistently against top sides then write an article.


he is in UEFA team of the year - Just Saying!


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One does seem a bit more obsessed with his hair though.

Does anyone else get confused when Zinchenko plays alongside De Bruyne.......my poor eyesight makes it hard to tell them apart at times!


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Pogba does what he does through brute force for the most part. His vision of the field is miles behind KDB, and there is a gulf between them in ball skills.