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Plenty to play for


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After some nondescript performances, the team still has plenty to go at.

We could deprive either Chelsea or Spurs a Champions League place whereas if we capitulate, Rafa's former team will have to win the Champions League final to re-qualify. The manager will surely be up for the job.

The Spurs game sees Kenedy turn out for his last game of the season, surely keen to help his parent club.

As for our league position, we could finish anywhere from 9th to 15th. That means a difference over over £11m to the club and for each individual player a bonus that is still well into six figures after tax. Some players will be playing to try and stay in the Premier League next season, whether it is here or elsewhere. For those who already know they are leaving, Chelsea at home could see their NUFC careers end on a high.
There is all to play for at the top but at the bottom it is an interesting 24 hours that could turn this into an epic last day drama.

By virtue of Swansea facing Southampton tonight, this makes it impossible for the likes of West Ham and above to be relegated. Not sure if CM was aware of this.

As it happens, this makes it a three horse race between Swansea, Southampton and Huddersfield to join relegated Stoke and West Brom, who aren't yet mathematically down but even Stephen Hawkins couldn't come up with a probability to save as it would be too complicated, in the championship next season.

If Southampton win tonight then they're safe bar a massive goal swing of at least 8 goals. Huddersfield go to Chelsea tonight and play Arsenal in Arsene Wenger's last game on Sunday, so to say it's difficult for them to add points is an understatement.

If Southampton lose tonight then it's a role reversal in that a nightmare for Huddersfield could see Southampton then pip them by beating Man City at home on Sunday as Swansea have a home game left to face Stoke and should win.

It's always difficult to predict the outcome and this could all be sorted tomorrow night to turn the weekend stuff into a damp squib if Spurs beat us, Chelsea lose to Huddersfield and Southampton beat Swansea. Wonder what odds I can get on that?


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Just a thought. Given the value of a place in the Champions League, could we get Chelsea to agree to a £15m fee for Kenedy with £5m reduction for every point we take off Spurs?

In other news, Hughes might have saved Southampton, mostly down to his previous work towards getting Stoke relegated.
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I was looking forward to seeing Sparky relegate 2 different teams in one season. Southampton might have to wait until next season for him to finish the job now.


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Having spent the day driving down South and back again, it seems that all the media think Southampton are safe now with their goal difference.

I wonder what the odds would be on Swansea beating Stoke 3-0 and City beating the Saints 7-0 in an end of season spectacular.


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With just a game to go it's interesting to notice that only six teams have a better 'goals against' record than us and they are all in the top seven. How ironic, especially when our defenders have been berated on here for being anything but competent. In fact we have only conceded five from set plays which only Man City can better. Had we been able to invest in some quality forwards then we could be a decent, if not very good team. It won't happen and I expect Rafa to go. All the hard work will be in vain.

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Problems have been upfront all season, last night I thought we looked quick and impressive in the final third, once again no one clinical enough to get us points. Disappointing to finish with 4 defeats possibly 5 though, despite the achievement of staying up this is taking the shine off for me now. A home win required to finish.

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Same old story players who are well paid and can't hit the back of a barn in game after game. It's pathetic.
Do they have any shooting practice in training.
No good being ok everywhere but the final third.
Dump all the so called strikers and bring in players of proven quality.