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One Bloody Number
Gonna be announced in New York tonight at 23:00 GMT.

Really looking forward to see what this beast is going to be capable of.

Doubt I'll be able to afford one at launch, but my PS3 certainly needs replacing so once these have reduced in price a bit I'm bound to get one.

From the Independent -

Here is what we know for now.


Leaked images show a Dual Shock pad but without the Start and Select buttons. Instead, they have been replaced with a large touch pad. Rumours also suggest that there may be a Share button which enable gamers to take screenshots or short video clips and share them online.

New Technology

The PS2 ushered in DVD and CD playback. The PS3 let you watch Blu-rays and then, eventually, Netflix and other online services. Last year Sony paid $380m for the cloud gaming company Gaikai. It lets you stream games to a monitor/TV.

It basically could have made the idea of a ‘console’ obsolete. Until Sony snatched it up that is. Superannuation recently dug up domain registrations by Sony for, and The Wall Street Journal then revealed that the PS4 will stream current PS3 games. It’s logical they will also include PS1 and PS2 games in this. Which makes perfect sense because it’s unlikely that they will have backwards compatibility within the PS4 architecture.

Sony famously created a new processor Cell for the PS3. They’ve since moved towards AMD. In order to achieve backwards compatibility natively they would have to either have a Cell chip onboard or have a way of virtually emulating it – all of which require a lot of processing power. Gaikai may be their answer to this.

The latest rumours suggest that the PS4 will link up with mobile devices as well. Microsoft are currently pushing their SmartGlass features so it would make sense for Sony to follow suit. The implications though are larger than a bull elephant.

What if they use their Gaikai tech to stream PlayStation games to every surface that has a Gaikai app? Suddenly iPads, Android tablets and mobile phones are capable of playing PlayStation games. It’s unlikely, but a tantalising prospect.

VGLeaks also report that the system will come packaged with an upgraded PlayStation EyeToy which can recognise users and track your body, similar to Microsoft’s Kinect.


VGLeaks posted documents which suggest an eight-core processor based on AMD’s Jaguar chip; a GPU based on AMD’s R10XX architecture, which supports DirectX 11.1 and above; 4GB of RAM and of course, being Sony, a Blu-ray drive which will support up to 50GB discs. It’s not quite the specs of a high range PC but remember this is dedicated hardware, just designed for gaming.


Sony have a history of never pinning themselves down on price until the launch. It could be anything - but £299 seems to be the most likely UK launch price.


‘What does our future hold for tomorrow?’ tweeted Sony Santa Monica, the studio behind the God of War games. ‘We heard they may open Pandora’s Box (again) live on stage.’

So what do we know? Well the above has kick-started a rumour that God of War 4 is in development for the launch period. Killzone 4, LittleBigPlanet 3 and Motorstorm are all rumoured, as well as the obvious next-gen games that have been parading around for the last year such as Star Wars 1313 and Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. Uncharted 4 would be a likely bet. Other reports indicate games which have been long delayed such as The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy Versus XIII are going to be exclusive to the PS4. This would make sense as both games have vanished recently and developers have been unwilling to talk about them. Why? Well, if they were under a non-disclosure agreement because of new tech, it would make a lot of sense.


Whatever goes down tonight, it’s clear it’s something big. Sony have had a shaky time with the PS3. They invested in tech that never really lifted off the ground and created a system that was notoriously hard for developers to work with. Their shift to AMD suggests that they have learnt their lesson. But there’s something more interesting in this. What if the PS4 is the last console?

Potentially, with Gaikai under their hood Sony can upgrade their video rendering servers in six months’ time and suddenly the PS4 will be a PS4.1. Watch this space.


I have an xbox 360 but used to have the playstation 2 but if this is the buisness i will in time revert back to playstation tbh

I was told the xbox are better for games online like fifa etc so thats why i changed from sony to xbox but i am eager to see what this new station 4 is capable of doing and if its the bees knees will flog my xbox and get one!

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
it has all left me behind, don't use any of them, but do marvel at my nephews games at times. Just not my bag any more, get too dizzy with the old :16: Last game I was addicted to was a Colin McRae rally game!

Such clever stuff though, some of my nephews games look more like movies!


Vital Champions League
We have one, but its not mine. Never been a big gamer. Drives me mad because my partner's on it all the time with our other flatmate and i'm just sitting there watching cos its hooked up to the tv in the living room. I want to throw it out the window to be honest.


Vital Football Legend
I am reliably informed that the XBOX720, or XBOX8 as i think its going to be called is going to be a lot better than this.

I cant look into the future, so I dont know, but the new XBOX is due for launch before xmas, So Im going to wait and get that instead.



RosettaStoned - 20/2/2013 18:52

I am reliably informed that the XBOX720, or XBOX8 as i think its going to be called is going to be a lot better than this.

I cant look into the future, so I dont know, but the new XBOX is due for launch before xmas, So Im going to wait and get that instead.
Wow had not heard of a new xbox being released, thanks i will wait and see :35:


Reading the golden oldies posts above taking the mick out of the games consoles, its only the same as playing tin can and conkers :5:


One Bloody Number
Well it's got a very muted response by most of the tech websites and magazines. They didn't even show the console. Just the pad which had been leaked on the net month ago anyway.

To be fair it sounds shit. A PS3 with better graphics and a share button. Woopdee doo!

Sony could just have signed their own bankruptcy order with this move. Their gaming arm is their most profitable bit, but if this is a shit as it sounds I can see a lot of hardened Playstation fans like myself moving over to Xbox if their new machine is any good.

Given time, Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement may be seen as the turning point for its fortunes or, perhaps, a squandered opportunity.

Luckily the internet doesn't delay and delivers gigabytes of insight of a major tech event such as this within minutes.

Many were bemused that the one thing missing from the PS4's launch was the console itself. But others were intrigued by the firm's latest gaming innovations.

This is a selection of the material published within hours of the New York event.

The Verge:

Sony's decision to not announce the price or a firm shipping date for the PlayStation 4 will no doubt give the company room to manoeuvre should it need to respond to any gaming announcements from Microsoft.


Sony has revamped its user interface for the new video games console As the hours of demos and introductions dragged on, it became increasingly obvious that we weren't actually going to see the PlayStation 4. Sony either isn't ready for primetime, or Sony thinks the best way to get us interested is to play hard to get.


Talk is the cheapest thing there is. And that's basically what Sony did today: It espoused a philosophy, said the names of a lot of popular games, but didn't give us any real, concrete information in an age where it's more important than ever.

Computer and Video Games:

Sony is not only responding to a world disrupted by Apple, that will only continue to fragment, but is trying to see past it; to carve its own niche. It's no small step that PS4 is being developed out of the west, and not Japan - yet even more surprising to learn that work began on it five years ago.


Most exciting is the share button. The PS4, we're told, will sneakily and transparently monitor and buffer our last 15 minutes of gameplay. This will be a boon to all those who think there is not enough inane video drivel on YouTube.


A new Killzone game was among the exclusive software titles unveiled at the event What was missing from Sony was a discussion of anything that could've made it a more broadly appealing device. It (and we, as potential customers) needed way more than a falling back on graphics, eye candy and tech demos, which may have served the gaming industry well in the past, but which have done nothing to stem the rising tide of mobile platforms like iOS and Android.


The PS4 looks to be a confident riposte to the Nintendo Wii U, with an array of social gaming features that look set to - potentially - enthral and irritate in equal measure. Microsoft, the ball's in your court.


The PS4 looks like it's long on promises and big-picture dreaming, but currently short on clear, concrete reasons why anyone would be tempted to buy one.

New York Times:

New features cannot hide the fact that PlayStation 4 is still a console, a way of playing games on compact discs that was cool when cellphones were not smart.

Journalists at the Sony event were shown the PS4's new controller and camera sensor

So Sony, you assemble the video game community to announce the PS4 but you only show the controller?!? Hahahahaha @Reikmoto

Does Sony employ any women to do presentations? The female gender was missing completely! @KaratewithaZ

Can't watch the #PS4ever livestream right now due to the blue ring of permabuffering. This is why needing the internet to play games sucks. @NikoleZ

I really want #Playstation to do well... but is it just me thinking 10 months is a LONG time to hold out a release? @JDLuccia

#Ps4 .... The controller and the cloud gaming has me won over already. Microsoft would need to be releasing a holographic 4d Xbox to get me @Shanecorcoran

The ps4 is a true engineering feat. it's built on x86 architecture, with 8gb built in, sharing, a new controller, and it's INVISIBLE. @JordanrCrook

Too few details for me to make a solid call but I wasn't blown away. And I've owned every console since the Magnavox Pong @Gartenberg

Really looking forward to see what the next Xbox brings to the table. More so then I did a couple hours ago. @jbarraud

PlayStation 4 looks interesting, new controller and super quick gameplay. Looking forward to its launch @fidoo89

No box, no price, no release date, and a lot of games that look like hi-res versions of what we've played before. Hmm and where was EA? @artanBdoyle


One Bloody Number
Trekker - 20/2/2013 18:22

I'm a grown up.
This from Mr "I have a phone to call and make texts", and is now addicted to his iPhone. :2:

These new consoles are far more than games machines. They are entertainment hubs.

If Sony have done it right (which to be honest it doesn't sound like they have) you should be using your PS4 to control your music, movie content, on-demand services, TV, all wirelessly and all over the cloud...

It's called progress.

These machines ain;t for kids anymore they are for modern people who like easy smart access to all their every day media.


One Bloody Number
To be fair I can't remember the last time I played on my PS3. I tend to use it to watch Netflix, Lovefilm, listen to music, view photos and watch Blu Rays.

But the option is always there to play a bit of FIFA if I want to, or have a FIFA lads night in with a few beers and a takeaway. Used to love doing that.


Vital Football Legend
I had a playstation once, when I was at uni. We used to have pro evo soccer tournaments with all the housemates, and I'd play gta late into the night (probably why I only got a 2-1!!) and it was good fun to be fair.

But it would be a total waste of my time to have one now. I'm lucky if I get a couple of spare minutes to take a shit!


Vital Football Legend
I had a playstation once, when I was at uni. We used to have pro evo soccer tournaments with all the housemates, and I'd play gta late into the night (probably why I only got a 2-1!!) and it was good fun to be fair.

But it would be a total waste of my time to have one now. I'm lucky if I get a couple of spare minutes to take a shit!


Vital Squad Member
I still have a NES in the loft that's the last "entertainment hub " I had. I then grew pubes and liked women and beer. Might see how much the NES go for these days