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players out in January


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Somebody said SE wants two or three players out in January.

Any idea whom he is referring to?

Willock seems to be a possibility. 11 appearances in 18 months (played 5 hours and 26 minutes) would suggest this was a punt by SE that has not worked out.

I wonder whom else?


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Willock seems likely.

Maghoma has had very little pitch time and is probably behind Tucker, Medley and Ogilvie in the peaking order.

Although he seems to have picked up recently I suspect Evans would be happy to let Akinde go who is probably on a decent wage and would free up the wage budget enough to maybe bring in a couple more players.

Drysdale has rarely featured too so if we are paying a wage contribution for him then maybe we won't renew the loan?


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Surprising as we have do not have the biggest squad and contracts do not normally expire until the end of the season.

Considering there are very few players that Evans did not sign himself, I am not sure Scally would like to be asked to pay up contracts at a time when we have very little revenue.

Possibly negotiating the return of some of the youngsters that are on loan and signing different ones?

Would anyone be interested in taking Willock and Maghoma on loan and paying some of their wages?
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I’m not sure Evans actually said he WANTS 2 or 3 out. He said he’d like a couple in and would probably have to balance things by letting 2 or 3 go to enable that.

And as mentioned above, it’s all well and good us saying “let this player go”, but if said player hasn’t got anyone interested then they stay.

And I thought all our loans were season long? Although I’m sure if we went back to the parent club, I doubt they’d force us to keep a player that is not playing.

Only thought I’ve got is that it would be worth trying to send at least one of the loans back. We can only use 6 in a match squad and we’ve got 7. Little bit of waste, although numbers wise it’s possibly the least expensive way of providing a bit of cover if someone is injured.


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For sake of clarity who are our automatic starters if all players are fit? A hard question i know.
On the past few games -

Bonham, the recent back 4 and MacKenzie. We seem a bit more settled now at the back.

Plus Dempsey and Graham our 2 best players. That’s 8.

The other 3 are open to much debate imho. But I reckon Dom Samuel and Vadaine Oliver should be the front 2 starters in a 4-4-2.


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I doubt Maghoma and Akinde will be shipped out just because they’re currently not in the first team. I can certainly see them coming in for Medley and Samuel respectively should they stutter a bit.

Willock seems more likely, as is Hodson who I think is still technically with us?


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I think the mellis injury may have done us a favour as he now plays 3 midfielders rather than 2 plus Mellis who might be great in a 4 but didnt like the fact him and frank played in a 4 too lightweight for me

Trev might be spot on Willock is the most likely to depart along with one of the Coventry boys I suspect, if not both freeing up the loan situation to bring a quick striker in and a left winger hopefully. O’Connor and Robertson to fight it out for 3rd midfield slot